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Seven Difficulties Every New Blogger Will Encounter

So you need to make a weblog? You deliberate it all out. You recognize you may make it massive. You recognize that you may make specific content. You have examined through every possible tip you could find online, and you believe you studied it is very clean. You are a few weeks or days into launching your weblog. You have already looked thru the equipment and feature chose among WordPress and blogger or every other device. You have looked via unique hosts and feature already selected one which suits you. Before you get the idea that I’m looking to discourage you, please don’t. These are the things I believe that every could-be blogger out there has to recognize earlier than they start.


1. Why Are You Blogging?

Blogging is effortless, while you do not want to make money out of it. Just write and post something, and that’s it. No biggie. Now, if you’re running a blog with earnings in thoughts, then that could be an extraordinary story. IT IS NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK. Content will continually be the middle of the blog, and it’s going to depend upon your answer to this query. If your answer is to percentage thoughts, then you definately won’t feel terrible about writing long and, in all likelihood, boring articles to explain your point.

If you are blogging for cash, on the other hand, then I guess it’s clean. Just think about something that might capture other people’s interest, and you will need to write stuff that could contact human curiosity. My answer was each. I desired to proportion and make money, so I’m suffering to find a way to balance myself and my readers. I should proportion my ideas in as unique a way as I want, but I do not need to get my readers bored, so writing is continually a conflict for me, and sadly, I’m extra at the uninteresting info.

2. Getting Steady Viewership is Not a Simple Matter

So you recognize you may write exciting stuff and you observed getting readers is simple proper? Okay, I essentially have studied and attempted to follow two articles and saved them at heart. One was from SEOMOZ, and the other from Steve Pavlina. But critically, although, do not expect it to be clean. Making content material may be the perfect aspect globally; however, getting viewers is the tough component.

Sure, I attempted to alternate my titles to healthy search engines like google and yahoo. I attempted to touch upon other blogs and posting hyperlinks. I get a large upward push in readership each time I spread the word on social networks. But, as soon as I stop, my readership is going backpedal. As of these days, I’m one month into blogging, and the first-class I could make is an average of 20 views an afternoon, and that is without doing whatever.

I concept my articles could be searchable without problems. Still, I did not realize that I’m no longer the most effective blogger who wrote about the identical element. Sure, billions of humans are available, but there are also thousands and thousands of blogs to pick out from. I concept I had my records proper. However, I changed into wrong in even thinking about statistics. Blogging is hard paintings, as you may recognize when you launch.

3. You Will Eventually Get To The Point of Asking Whether It’s Worth It or Not


Yes, simply one month into blogging, and I’m already asking myself why I should push on. I’m not getting as good a deal of viewers as I thought I might. I’m not making as a whole lot of cash as I idea I could. I’m certain I’m making properly first-class content. I might be writing lengthy and boring stuff, but I know that I’m giving everybody who reads my stuff something useful.

Content is king proper? Why am I now not getting enough readers and making enough cash? Plus, I’m giving up a lot of my time and effort here. Well, I even have already determined my solution via an inner verbal exchange, so I realize I’m pushing thru. Once you put money into website hosting and different things, and also you sense like you’re failing, it could truely harm you.

4. There Are Technical Stuff You Have To Know or Will be Forced to Learn

I even have blogged before on a few loose blogging websites, and so I notion the process of having my own host and stuff could be easy; however, no, it’s complex. I am thought that once I get a number, then I’ll install WordPress, and it’s done, but it wasn’t! Installing it turned into smooth IF I KNEW HOW.

The precise information is that you can locate the answers from tech help and other blogs and sites. You will research and be compelled to examine things. If you are the sort who does not want to examine, you could discover someone who will do it for you or just do not blog because severely, blogging is not just about writing and posting. It’s also approximately a whole lot of technical stuff.

5. You Will Become Public Property

Just like the stuff you publish to your social network wall, the belongings you submit for your weblog are for everybody to see, so do not get disappointed if people start coming up to you and telling you stuff that you don’t want to listen to. Public assets are constantly situation to an opinion, so don’t put up anything you do not need to criticize. Be prepared to be yelled at by individuals who will get angry. Be ready to be advised whatever. But of course, it is no longer continually going to be bad. There are people out there who will admire what you are writing about and could let you realize. That, for me, is the first-rate feeling within the international. You can not please all of us.

6. Blogging is Hard Work

Do you assume blogging is straightforward? Maybe it is, in case you want to make a diary of some sort. It makes me feel because’s what running a blog was original. But, if you’re blogging and need to get loads of readers and make profits out of it, it won’t be so simple. Before launching my weblog, I of the route did a few studies on different bloggers. Most of them say that running a blog is a lot of work, and I of the route did not want to consider them.

Like each “civilian,” I concept that running a blog did not require too much attempt, and it becomes just for people who’ve not anything else to do; however, now that I’m into blogging, I actually have found out that it’s also as tough as another normal activity. Of direction, you do not exert an excessive amount of physical effort via typing and clicking, but writing posts and locating methods to improve your blog and get readership can be tense.

If you are critical about blogging, you definitely better consider giving up time to do things you like. I gave up going to the health club, watching TV, and more than one hour from my normal sleep time. Not really because I wanted to, but due to the fact I’m extreme about blogging, and I need to make this work.

7. So Little Time, So Much to Do


As I stated above, you might need to surrender a few things because extreme running a blog manner a critical time. I have daily activity, so all I have is my time at night time. I used to spend an hour in the health club each day to hold in shape, and now I’m a fats slob, no longer than I’ve been buff or ripped. However, I’m getting fatter. However,  I used to watch several TVR; now I don’t surely watch a lot anymore. I love browsing, and I require eight hours of sleep a day; however, now I get about 4 to 6.

I spend a lot of time running a blog that I needed to sacrifice many things I used to experience. Was it really worth it? Well, I’ve been asking myself that now I can say sure, and I will preserve doing this for a totally long time because I recognize I’m suitable at. I’m doing this because my mind and ideas are influencing others. I realize that I am assisting others, and I understand that I can make cash out of this during this time. I just should be affected by a person and keep giving my excellent.

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