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3 Types of Subscriptions You Should Hang Onto Post-Covid

Subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving. And with the year we’ve all had, who couldn’t use a few gifts? The only problem is, subscriptions aren’t cheap. While $10 a month doesn’t seem like a lot, it adds up, especially if you sign up for multiple…

Internet Not Working on iPhone

Internet Not Working on iPhone – Before we dig into the details, let me say that this is something that I’ve had to deal with personally. It’s pretty frustrating, but I can assure you it’s fixable. So let’s get to it! If you’re using an iPhone 7, you should…
World News

There Was Another Earthquake in Mexico. Is the World Ending?

The past month has been a mind-bending litany of natural screw-ups. First, Hurricane Harvey swamped Houston. Then Mexico experienced a big earthquake, an 8.2 importance surprise to the southern nation of Chiapas (the quake mainly took place in the Pacific, which restricted…

Internet Tips

Internet Tips

Tips Memilih Berita dan Menghindari Hoax di Internet

Bisnis.Com, JAKARTA — Media sosial (khususnya Facebook) sebetulnya bukan sumber berita yang ideal karena kita cenderung mengikuti dan berkumpul dengan orang-orang yang sependapat dengan diri kita sendiri. Oleh karena itu, berita-berita yang tampil di Facebook biasanya adalah berita yang disukai oleh lingkaran sosial Anda. Namun, penelitian yang…