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A Blog for Bloggers – 7 Ideas I Use When Writing My Blogs


I have been writing my weblog for just over twelve months; I write and submit a new weblog each other day. At times, I suffer a moderate touch of writer’s block, but now not very frequently; I have discovered if I follow these seven thoughts, I can constantly broaden unique content material. There are lots of blogs written approximately “excellent” content material, just what it defies description; I have not begun to examine a definition of “great” content that doesn’t outline it by pronouncing it ought to be “first-rate” content.

What first-rate content material is to one individual is useless to another. To me, the word doesn’t mean anything outside of correct spelling, good grammar, high-quality punctuation, and a tremendous flowing way. My enterprise is inside the self-reliance area of interest; it’s miles and a clean area of interest to write approximately as I can relate top lifestyle talents to it. My manner of handling running a blog is summed up in short within the following 7 guidelines I have observed I comply with generally with the aid of intuition.


1) I write to 1 character. It isn’t always viable to write thrilling articles to be of hobby to hundreds of people, even making that my intention. Abraham Lincoln stated its quality with his announcement, “You can please a number of the people a number of the time, however no longer all of the human beings all of the time.” So I do not try to, as an example, my trendy weblog, published this morning, turned into writing at the Volcano eruption inside the Philippines, Mount Mayon.

I frolicked within the island united states of America from 1970-1973; I become within the Navy, and the ship I was stationed on referred to as port in Subic Bay. This blog was written with the reminiscence of a young toddler; he was approximately 10 years old at the time, leading a water buffalo down the side of the dual carriageway. He had no clothes on, manifestly very bad; I think about him 50 years old these days.

I make every attempt at identifying with the trials and tribulations of his existence’s adventure; compassion is a genuine part of my writings. He is the maximum crucial part of that weblog; there are heaps of humans like him in the world; in my thoughts, all will relate to that blog; they’re all on the internet nowadays, they’re essential. I make sure to reply to every comment as soon as I am capable; it’s important also.

2) I pick out one word to start and construct from there; I study everything all day long. In that reading, there are many subjects that hobby many humans, every one of these subjects consists of phrases, now and then thousands of words. Of the ones heaps of words, I will pick one, I will then carry out a mental exercise of phrase dating, many mornings while lying in bed, (whilst in the no-sector, no arising, no live-in bed area) I will consider all of the phrases I can relate to that one.

These phrases are a concern with being a part of, or the main word in my keyword, or maximum in all likelihood, my key phrase. By going through that thought procedure, I also give you thoughts for different blogs; occasionally, the weblog I intended to write takes a lower back seat because of creating ideas for blogs related to that word that I feel I ought to write first. I by no means tackle a couple of words, forming one concept at a time. I am not a multi-tasker. Much of my niche consists of “homesteading,” so if I were to chose the phrase “ice cream,” it’d allow me to put in writing many blogs before I was given way to.

Conjuring up key terms creates openings for other blogs. For instance, with the key phrase “making self-made ice cream from scratch,” it is possible to begin the collection of blogs with a weblog on constructing a pasture in your new milk cow, which might be one blog. Some words are less difficult than others; climate failures, for instance, nearly write themselves, others just like a salamander’s DNA, could take various research and observe for me.

Almost any phrase will work; it relies upon your understanding of the subject and your willingness to examine it. This is the deciding issue. I even have determined humans are interested in the whole thing; if you query that, take every other look at what search words you operate to discover something on the web. More than possibly tens of millions of websites are indexed.

3) I pay no attention to the word remember; that’s not what I’m in this for; I’m in it due to the fact I love to write down, read, and consider people and life in general. I have written some blogs with 800 words, maybe one or two; I actually have now not written any less that I can don’t forget. I even have written many blogs in over 2,000 words. However, the maximum is within the 1200-1800 phrase variety. However, I am now not tuned into word counting; I don’t pay any attention to it till I am completed.

By allowing the wide variety of phrases to dominate my writings, I discover I do myself a disservice; if I am writing a mediocre weblog and force phr,ases I even have determined I can show it right into a horrible write-up. Likewise, it’s feasible to show a terrific blog right into a mediocre one inside the identical way. I have never discovered the opposite to be real. I write until I am finished writing about the issue; forced phrases appear like simply that, forced.

It’s a piece like a gambling song (I play the guitar); if a chunk of music is written in “C” scale and I end it with an “F” twine as an example, it sounds unfinished and leaves the listener (or musician) wanting it to be completed with a “C” chord or notice. That’s what is supposed by way of a performer telling band individuals to “carry it on domestic now.” As in this paragraph, whilst a subject is exhausted, it is time to go to the subsequent one; it has a natural finishing. If I write more, I will lose you.

4) I use my business’s “challenge declaration” to orient my blog round; after all, I’m seeking to encourage humans to pay a go-to. I actually have constantly believed in a mission declaration; I might not paste and replica it here as it has no relevance. The desires of the company are set in a statement. This can draw me again to the basics of why I started an enterprise; it’s the crucial stuff. It also is a reminder of who I am because, in the end, I wrote it with my hobby and ideas about what I want to accomplish with my paintings. If you no longer have a project declaration, maybe you ought to; just writing introduced a brand new attitude to how I reflect onconsideration of how I am involved in my enterprise.

5) Write for humans, now not the serps; my main cognizance is always people. In the end, on the opposite side of what I am writing in “notepad” is a person analyzing it; you’re what is crucial. Other than adhering to the obscure requirements of the foremost serps, key phrases, SEO, and authentic content, there is not a great deal else to do for the big guys; due diligence is going a long manner. By no means cut and paste something; I do not even do rates; I use links to reference an editorial.

I make sure to have 3 sources before I write my blog, except I know the entirety approximately the concern, (boy that will be the day); I made that mistake as soon as and was referred to as out on a chunk of false information, it isn’t a laugh. In my studying and investigation, I ensure the records I am digesting is present-day unless I am writing a historical report which I regularly do, check the dates of the thing; most of the time, if it’s older than a few months, it’s miles records, I need to recognize the distinction.


6) I pay no interest to make a living; I have the attitude if I carry out due diligence and write nicely, the cash will come; it always has. I do not need to give myself as performing to be grasping; it’s simpler to do than what most people understand; my non-public notion is that if a person’s entire interest in existence is cash, they’re doomed, take a look at Facebook, greed appears to be doing them in. I even have a grandson I changed into working with starting a music weblog; he wrote like blogs and requested me to begin being paid. (What you’re wondering are my actual thoughts, holy cow.)

I advertise now and then, and when I do, it’s far, maybe one product; I do not like being the goal of a sales pitch continuously, so I do not hard promote whatever many blogs do; I do not read them. When I do put it on the market, I use a Link; even then, it should be a product without delay related to the sentence I wrote. For example, if I just wrote an editorial on knot tying, I might also upload a link with a notation, “This Link is to purchase 50 toes of homemade natural fiber rope.” I am in advance and honest; while you click that link, you know that you’re being encouraged to buy something before you click it.

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