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CPanel Hosting Tutorial – How to Install WordPress

In this informative 8 minute video, I will present you with an outline of cPanel and the way to maximize your enjoyment as a cPanel user. I will help you get greater familiar with your cPanel web hosting account and show you how to use vital features in the cPanel interface.


First, of course, you must have a cPanel website hosting account. You can most effectively get entry to your cPanel website hosting account if you have net website hosting and your personal domain call. CPanel is offered best after you have installed the whole account with those requirements. After you have completed the setup, you will be given a username and password to get admission to your cPanel hosting account. After you’ve got logged in, you may see a major homepage display screen.

Another crucial feature of your cPanel website hosting account is the advent. You can alternate the advent of your cPanel web hosting account by clicking on Change Style. Under the Change Style category, there are numerous skins, subject matters, or templates you may use to change the format and style of your cPanel web hosting account. These modifications are basically cosmetic and could no longer adjust or adjust your cPanel website hosting account’s real features. Changing the appearance of your cPanel hosting account will certainly enhance your personal enjoyment with the aid of enhancing the interface’s aesthetics.

To create a brand new electronic mail deal related to your area call, click on Email Accounts. You can be directed to the best screen. There, you may be able to create your new electronic mail cope with, and you could select your mailbox quota. Click on Create to finalize your new electronic mail deal. You will receive your password once you have delivered the brand new electronic mail address.

By default, you could access this newly created e-mail address within your cPanel web hosting account by clicking on Mailbox. However, you could additionally access email via 1/3-birthday party customers like Microsoft Outlook. If you want to assist in getting your e-mail account installation on an electronic mail client, you may click on the hyperlink “Do you wish to configure your account to work with a mail client?” Click yes. You could be directed to a set of instructions to help you configure the e-mail address you’ve got just created with numerous of the popular mail customers, inclusive of Microsoft Outlook.

To access the more technical specifications of your newly created email deal, you could scroll to the bottom of the web page. There, you will see a ramification of guide settings that list your mail, server, username, incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, and supported protocols. If you already know how to install your e-mail address manually within the email purchaser, then pass in advance and get started using the guide settings.


How To Add Subdomains To Your cPanel Hosting Account:

Access the principle homepage of the cPanel website hosting account. You will see the choice of including new subdomains for your account after you scroll all the manner to the bottom of the page. There are numerous options indexed consisting of add-on domain names, parked domain names, and redirects. To add a subdomain, comply with the clean steps.

Let’s discuss developing a subdomain in cPanel. It is crucial to recognize what a subdomain sincerely is and how it’ll affect your internet site. As you may see, a subdomain is without a doubt an extension of your foremost area. Take, for example, a chief domain called “youractualurl.Com.” If you want to create a subdomain for a helpdesk, as an example, you may accomplish that via growing a subdomain URL of “assist.Youractualurl.Com.” Click on Create to finalize your new subdomain.

If you wish to redirect the subdomain, you may do so by clicking on Manage Redirect. You can also redirect the subdomain to another internet site, including a weblog, relying on your alternatives. Your Fantastico account will let you access and install WordPress and different weblog systems like b2evolution or Nucleus. You can also be capable of deploy several boards such as SMF Forum or phpBB Forum.

If you propose promoting products online, a loose e-Commerce software program must be used. The higher ones are Zen Cart and OS Commerce. Feel loose to discover the opposite loose software for your Fantastico account. Continue to access your Fantastico icon to take benefit of the loose delivered-fee merchandise. How To Use cPanel’s Fantastico Autoinstaller:

There are extra features in cPanel that you can explore. You can get the right of entry to features like information to look at how many net messages your account receives. And, you may personalize your cPanel hosting account in line with your wishes. First, if you get the right of entry to your function icons, you may disintegrate or increase the functions you either use frequently or those you do not use in any respect. Feel unfastened to use that function often because it will prepare your cPanel functions consistent with your desires.


You can also click and drag sure additives of your feature icons to your cPanel hosting account. This is in particular beneficial if you rarely use sure sections or in case you want to move bins and sidebars. You can also crumble the feature icons that you do not use. Overall, the adjustments you’re making in this segment are simply beautiful. However, it’ll also assist you in arranging your cPanel web hosting account’s function and drift.

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