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General women’s session specializes

The widespread ladies session for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hung on Sept. 23 focused on reminding women approximately their divine nature and the remarkable effects they could have on others.

Sister Sharon Eubank, a first counselor in the

Relief Society General Presidency endorsed girls to be righteous, articulate, specific, and wonderful. The friendships that Relief Society girls, young women, and number one ladies construct with honest, trustworthy, godly girls and girls of other faiths can be a full-size pressure in how the church grows inside the remaining days,” Sister Eubank stated. Sister Neill F. Marriott, the 2nd counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, talked about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ helps bridge the gap that sin and pride create among Heavenly Father and His kids. Our sins and delight create a breach, or an opening, between us and the font of all love, our Heavenly Father. Only the Savior’s Atonement can cleanse us of our sins and close that hole or breach,” Sister Marriott stated.


Sister Joy D. Jones, general president of the Primary

Also mentioned divine nature and how the arena’s view on well worth differs from God’s view. Spiritual worth means to fee ourselves the manner Heavenly Father values us, no longer as the sector values us,” Sister Jones stated. Divine nature is considered one of eight values the younger girls of the church recognition on. No depend on what,” Sister Jones stated, “We usually have well worth inside the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

Tips To Deal With Your General Contractor


Home remodeling is a big investment, both emotionally and financially. The general contractor takes full responsibility for purchasing materials, hiring tradespeople, bringing in sub-contractors, creating schedules, supervising, and getting the remodeling done for the estimated rate. To complete your project on time and budget, you need to work well with your general contractor with diligence. Here are some tips to get the most out of your contractor,

It is best to avoid allowances.

An allowance is a budget element separately identified in a contact estimate in place of something that hasn’t been finalized yet. For instance, if you haven’t chosen accessories for your brand-new baths, your contractor might add an allowance number instead of the actual price. However, there is a wide range of collections with different prices for such products, and the estimated budget could be lower than the money you would need to spend in the future. The right thing to do is go through all the material selections before your contractor makes the bid.

Speak with your contractor freely.

It would help if you established regular communication with the contractor. You can meet with him every morning before the work begins or contact him through texts and calls. A good contractor would make you comfortable enough to ask any questions and voice any concerns without reservation.

Put everything down in writing.

Having a project journal is the only way to avoid various potential problems in the future. It can help you record the work progress, note order numbers and delivery dates, write down any new ideas, and enter things you need to ask your contractor about.

Inspect the work area

You need to be proactive and check your contractor’s work regularly. The best time to do this is after the crew left your place. You can see if the model number of the materials bought matches with your records to verify if they are the right ones, compare the windows and doors with the blueprint, and make sure that the work doesn’t have any quality issues. If you have doubts, you can always ask your contractor for clarification.

Do not pay for incomplete works.

You can establish series of equal payments for your project, and the last one would be made only after the work is 100% complete and satisfactory. Never pay more than 10% as an upfront fee. Above all, let the contractor and crew enjoy working for you by being a good customer to be motivated to give their best for you.


Unique Challenges of Women Abusing Prescription Drugs

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) provide hands-on care and complete routine tasks essential to patient care. But the CNAs do not just work in hospitals and nursing homes. Some become CNAs to specialize in Pediatric Certified Nursing assistants in medical facilities or become CNAs for children in other settings.

The CNA training program was specifically

designed to train people to work in nursing homes. That is because the Federal government mandated the presence of CNAs in these facilities and wanted to ensure the quality of care standards. In fact, the CNA certification form even states that you have completed the program and are now competent to work as a long-term care facility nurse aide/assistant. A CNA develops the skills to help people dress, bathe, move to chairs or wheelchairs, eat, take vital signs, and so on. In general, the CNA provides routine and essential assistance to residents that maintain their hygiene, comfort, and quality of life.

These are all tasks that translate extremely well to the care of children. The Pediatric CNAs or CNAs for children work in a situation where children are present. Work environments that care for children include daycare facilities, hospitals, and private homes. The CNA professional works under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. If the appropriate medical personnel are not present on the job, then a CNA can provide caregiving services or child escort services but cannot practice as an independent CNA.

The CNA experience from working in nursing homes

And medical facilities will be a beneficial foundation of experienced and can be used to springboard into a pediatric care career. CNA-certified personnel has several jobs to escort mentally and physically challenged children, provide caregiving services in a daycare setting or on a children’s unit in a medical facility.

There is no specific coursework required to become a CNA who works with children. However, after one gains certification and work experience, a CNA can start to specialize in a particular field of CNA work. A CNA can participate in continuing education, further specializing their body of work experience. The more job experience gained, the more it will be reflected positively on a resume and the greater the chances of employment in that specialized area.

Unique Challenges of Women Abusing Prescription Drugs


Ever since opioids became popular as a drug of abuse in America, women have been receiving end. While the rates of drug overdose incidents more than quadrupled since 1999, it is also apparent that women have been affected more by the opioid epidemic than men. Coast to coast, the number of women who have inadvertently used prescription drugs and have become dependent on them has significantly increased.

A new report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and

Quality (AHRQ) has revealed a surge in the number of women admitted to hospitals for drug-related incidents, including heroin and prescription painkillers. The report was compiled based on a national database that includes hospital statistics from more than 40 states. Along with a detailed account of the opioid epidemic, the report also sheds light on the emergency department (ED), and inpatient stays for both men and women in drug-related incidents. Some of the highlights of the report are as follows:

Inpatient stays: While more men had inpatient stays than women.

(145.6 vs. 127.8 per 100,000 population) in 2005, there was a dramatic increase in opioid-related inpatient stays in women between 2005 and 2014. This represented an increase of 75 percent for women and 55 percent for males. It is a matter of concern to note that the rates of opioid-related inpatient stay for males and females became more or less similar (225 vs. 224.1 per 100,000 population) by 2014.

ED visits: While males had the higher rates of ED visits than females (99.9 vs. 78.6 per 100,000 population) in 2005, the opioid-related ED visits nearly doubled for both males and females (males: 103 percent increase; females: 95 percent increase) in a decade.

Some of the other observations noted were as follows:

Opioid-related ED visit rate increased faster than inpatient stay rate: Between 2005 and 2014, the rate of opioid-related ED visits increased faster than the rate of opioid-related inpatient stays. For men, the numbers were (103 ED visits vs. 55 inpatient stays) and females (95 ED visits vs. 75 inpatient stays).

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