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What are the Different Types of Industrial Trolleys?

An extremely versatile but often overlooked element used in every aspect of our life is a trolley. Also known as rollers (if you are extra literal), these are used extensively in many industries and manufacturing units. They are useful in the storage, transportation as well as maintenance of various kinds of goods. Industrial trolleys are used specifically in different manufacturing and packaging processes, and they are quite different from your usual trolleys. These are much bigger and can hold a larger weight, and be customized according to their needs. These trolleys are used in manufacturing, storage, packaging, office units, and pickup areas.

Different industries require differently customized trolleys, and here we shall explain the uses of a few of them.

Industrial Trolleys

  1. Platform trolley.

These are the most commonly seen trolleys in warehouses and manufacturing units. They are mostly heavy-duty trolleys used to transport goods from one place to another. Platform trolleys can be of two kinds:

  • Single platform trolley: this type comes with only one platform where goods can be placed, directly attached to the wheels below. It is moved from one place to another by pushing a large handle attached to the platform. Cleaners and sanitation workers mostly use these.
  • Double platform trolley: this comes with an extra platform attached at the upper part of the handle, in addition to a single platform trolley setup. These are used in hotels and airplanes for room service and catering.
  1. Wire mesh trolley.

An upgrade on the double platform trolley, a wire mesh trolley is more reliable and versatile since it does not allow any spillage. It is also stronger and more durable. These have a wide range of applications, from industrial to commercial. The wires can be made with any material of the customer’s choice.

  1. Automotive trolley.

This kind has varied uses in warehouses, industries, workshops, and go-downs. Automotive trolleys are considered among the strongest carriers and can bear many loads, so they are most extensively used in the automobile industry.

  1. Material handling trolley.

These can be customized according to the industry’s needs but are mostly found in hospitals and health centers. It consists of a series of compartments that can be manufactured differently in terms of size and width. These are ideal for storing specialized items, which are usually smaller in size.

  1. Component trolley.

This kind is usually considered very practical since it comes into shelves and/or box-like divisions, making it perfect for storing and transferring goods from one place to another. These are very commonly seen in deep freezers, where they store perishables. They are usually made of stainless steel. These are the most common varieties of industrial trolleys, which are customized to suit different applications. Since most trolleys are heavy-duty equipment, they are made from corrosion-free material, which ensures durability.

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