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7 New Technologies Changing the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has seen a fair share of ups and downs for the past few years. From job cuts to offshoring, manufacturing businesses have been at the whim of international and economic trends. The new movement includes the advancements in technology and the effects they have on workforce demographics and factories.

Most of the new developments in the manufacturing sector are due to consumer demand. Every customer wants better, unique, and personalized things. Hence, manufacturers need to look for a trustworthy industrial supplier to invest in new technology to keep up with the rising demand for products. If you work in the manufacturing industry, you can meet the demands of customers through new technologies, such as:


1. Nanotechnology

This is the future technology, which involves the use of matter on supramolecular, atomic, and molecular scales. Currently applied in biotechnology, it will be an indispensable technology in the manufacturing sector in different ways. Manufacturers can use it to make bandages, which heal wounds faster, create small memory cards, and build superfast computer processors.

2. IoT

The internet of things (IoT) is changing customer engagement, an important area for the production industry. The improved customer service may help in negating disappointed clients by establishing clear communication between customers and businesses. If businesses also need to make updates remotely, they can use IoT, which may notify clients whenever potential defects.

3. Light-Based Manufacture

Some international researchers have recently created a light-based manipulation platform that manufacturers can use to make electronics you may use in your computers and smartphones. This method depends on optical traps that use light to control small objects in liquid. Its capability to make electronic parts quickly can change how manufacturers create items, like circuit boards.

4. Augmented Reality

Today, most producers depend on prototyping with CAD (computer-aided design) software. Augmented reality (AR) plays a vital role in R&D and can abstract away PC for many industrial designers.

5. ASPs

ASP (Autonomy Solution Provider) is an important technology that offers mobility solutions and different vehicle exploration. By using this technology, manufacturers can develop different things, including sensor fusion, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine vision.

6. Cloud Computing

Cloud has a huge influence on production. It improves connectivity across different manufacturers, so companies can share data globally faster and reduce production times and costs. The sharing of data also improves consistency between companies and the quality of products.

7. 3D Printing

Although it may sound like a science fiction novel for some people, 3D printing has been a backbone for additive manufacturers for around 40 years. Today, most manufacturers rely on this technology to support their prototyping to create products on-demand and troubleshoot new items. In addition to that, 3D printing has changed the time-consuming and costly procedures of tooling. Like aerospace and automotive, producers in different industries can now complete tooling onsite within a few days.

Final Touches!

New developments are buffeting the manufacturing industry in different ways. Many manufacturers have started enjoying the benefits of IoT, cloud computing, AI, and 3D printing. Others, like nanotechnology, will not be entirely on incremental development of the available processes. Instead, they will look for a new way to the core of revenue streams and new models, which would change the industry’s nature.

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