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Smart Phone Apps – Does Your Business Need One?


With all of the clever telephones (iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry’s) being utilized by customers these days, it seems you may download an app for just about any achievable motive. Many online functions consisting of shares, banking, climate, and even ordering plant life that has been historically assigned to computers are now being executed right from a people’s phone. There is not any doubt that clever telephone usage is increasing at an amazing pace. In 2009 alone, international cellphone sales reached 174 million gadgets!

Smart Phone Apps

First, understand that if you have a website, it’ll be viewable from a clever smartphone already, so a number of your clients can also already be surfing your website from their telephone and probably even putting orders. Unfortunately, maximum websites are not optimized for a 4″ display, so what is probably person-pleasant on a 21″ laptop monitor is not quite so easy to navigate on a clever telephone. Yes, you could optimize your internet site for viewing on a cellphone, however even doing that is not the correct solution. The real strength and benefit of a custom-written smart cellphone app are designed from the ground up, particularly for ease of use on a specific device.

Customer Loyalty –

In principle, if you could persuade a consumer to pick out your app over others provided, download it, and most crucial hold it on their telephone, the possibilities are incredible that you will be their retailer of choice for destiny purchases. Let’s face it; when they have it on their cellphone, it can be a totally convenient way to reserve or get entry to product data when they do not have to get the right of entry to a laptop.

Leader of the Pack –

A clever phone app tends to be a primary investment for a normal retail keep (or as a minimum until a person designs a mass-market less expensive version), so it’s probably a safe wager that having one will set you aside from your opposition inside the eyes of some of your clients. In simple terms, it is modern-day, especially for the younger “Smart Phone Generation.”

Instant Communication –

Smart smartphone apps allow you to send instantaneous “Push” messages right to users of your app. In simple phrases, a push message is a textual content message. It normally pops up properly on their display, doubtlessly an amazing manner to notify them of promotions, reminders, and so on. An app will also permit more subtle communication inside the shape of “pull” messages, ones that only pop up when the user virtually opens the app.

While your internet site may be observed with the aid of all and sundry using a search engine, the same can’t be said of a cellphone app. It will fall absolutely upon you to get the word out and generate a hobby. You cannot depend upon all and sundry stumbling throughout your app on saying the iTunes app shop. Here’s an eye-fixed opener. The final count number pegged them to be had apps for the iPhone at close to three hundred,000! Talk approximately a needle in a haystack.



Getting your app on to a patron’s cellphone is a venture; trust me in this one. First, you have to let them recognize it. Secondly, they should see a few fees in it, and finally, they must invest the time to find and download it. The manner calls for a little effort, first of all, on the part of the user.

OS Incompatibility –

An app written for the working device (OS) of an iPhone will now not paintings on an Android or Blackberry clever smartphone, and vice versa. Each clever cellphone OS requires its personal app.

Ongoing Commitment –

Keeping an apps’ offers and merchandise modern-day takes time. Launching a clever telephone app is probably no longer a terrific concept if you currently have an internet site and find you, without a doubt, can not make investments the time required for retaining and advertising it well.

In a nutshell, it has no longer grown our name middle business as much as first of all was hoping, and the lion’s percentage of our boom remains seen on our website. If I had been to evaluate our iPhone app’s overall performance so far strictly from the point of sales generated, I could sincerely have to mention it is a very terrible investment inside the brief term. However, I suspect that in the long run, it can show to be very just like doing online commercial enterprise within the sense that inside the infancy of the net, many retailers jumped in early and invested a lot with little go back first of all. Yet, in modern-day international, having an internet site is critical to many businesses as having a cellphone variety. It actually took the consumer a chunk of time to become cozy with buying online. So on this one, my fingers are nonetheless crossed.

If you go to the iTunes app save, dozens of applications are available to purchase merchandise. Some of them are unfastened, but many fees $0.99 – $2.99 to download. Trying to recoup the development value of a retail app thru promoting it is a mistake; the aim must be to get your app widely allotted. As a retailer, you are within the commercial enterprise of promoting your product, not promoting phone apps. As the number of users of your app development, so will your sales revenue.

Basing your app around the content material and providing information approximately the product you sell will provide users of your product one extra purpose to download your app. Another working example, our own iPhone app, features over three hundred pages of flower statistics and trivialities with content updates daily. Again, the initial intention is to get your app onto a user’s smartphone. In the longer term, they need to have a purpose of using your app on a normal foundation, or they’ll delete it or overlook they have it. So in this example, similar to a website, Content is King!

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