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Is Windows Phone 7 Ready for SMB Prime Time?

It’s difficult to accept as true with we’re nearly 20 years into the cell cellphone revolution. I consider the “brick” I used at my first job in telecommunications in 1992 and pronouncing then that the mobile cellphone could never be a mainstream device given the cumbersome size and the high cost of the service. Of route, my initial evaluation changed into wrong. Like the naysayers who scoffed at Marconi’s radio and Edison’s mild bulb, those that dismissed the cellular telephone have watched it transform into a staple of the 21st century. I assume even the visionaries who created the initial technological leap forward didn’t foresee how pervasive and numerous their invention could become.

Windows Phone

Initially, the entire international of cell communications changed into about voice. If you needed to make a name and were on the street, you wouldn’t need to stand in a phone booth (recollect the ones?) with piles of exchange or a “calling card” ticking off the mins at an exorbitantly high price. How handy with a view to choosing up your very own cellphone and dial, and you could be reached in any quantity of places at any time. In the enterprise and in making deals, there was a lot of excitement and justification to be the quickest to respond to customers. Wouldn’t a patron be impressed with you answering them while you’re en path on your kid’s fourth-grade recital? Of direction, they would, and you’ll be differentiating yourself from the man or gal who knocks off at five o’clock and heads right to happy hour.

As time went on and the era advanced, it became inevitable that extra capability might be included. Thus text messaging was born, using a protocol referred to as SMS or Short Message Service. Using most of 160 characters, one cellular telephone consumer could ship a brief message to any other consumer without dialing. The surprising byproduct was the evolution of a totally new language that a few call “textspeak.” If you don’t know what “cu 2nite?” or “143” (I Love You) approach you, they’ve been sitting home to your rotary smartphone for too long!

While quick and exceptionally famous with teens and tweens, textual content messaging isn’t always used quite as widely for enterprise applications. Being able to each ship and acquire email stays the favored written form of business verbal exchange. However, it’s not usually realistic to connect with your Exchange server, Outlook via VPN, or Outlook Web Access. So it was inevitable that the cellular telephone revolution might capture electronic mail as a valid use. One of the pioneering innovators inside the space changed into Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian-based totally agency that started producing the BlackBerry. Though frequently categorized with derision like “CrackBerry” for its users’ complete and totally fanatical attention to the devices, the entice of instant gratification and get right of entry to soon led every person else to observe.

At first, Microsoft made it clean for BlackBerry users to connect with their corporate email with middleware for their pervasive Exchange platform. They even made it possible for Exchange to connect to their pinnacle rival’s cellular answer, the Apple iPhone. However, connectivity became step one as Microsoft made it smooth to “push” email to gadgets while not actively connecting. In other words, Microsoft turned into answerable for that little “duh-DOO” tone that despatched all of us to check their tool to see if it changed into an email to them! So now, hoards of cellular experts can be reached with the aid of telephone, through text, or with the aid of email.

Windows Phone

To take a page from just about every infomercial ever produced, “But wait, there is extra!” As we saw an increasing number of miniaturized chipsets with extra power, the capability to add even more to the mix becomes like gravity pulling on a skydiver. So the competition for “smart” phones was on. Following RIM’s, BlackBerry has been the iPhone running the Apple cellular OS, and extra recently, the Google Android OS. In the midst of it became the logical entrant, Microsoft. After all, if you’re looking to make your Microsoft-based total electronic mail and applications handy in your mobile devices, why now not create a mobile working device that seamlessly lets that manifest? Thus, Windows Mobile turned into born.

The route traveled with the aid of the Microsoft improvement team became no longer constantly an easy one. In truth, the early versions have no longer been received properly in any respect; however, inside the past few years, the momentum has extended, and Windows Phone 7 is the result of these efforts. As of late January 2011, Microsoft has shipped 2 million Windows Phone 7 handsets to companies, but sales numbers from that inventory are a chunk of a mystery. With the number of utility builders growing and income soon to get a spike from inclusion in the Verizon Wireless portfolio, what does the Windows Phone 7 deliver to the SMB table?

As we study the running gadget’s ability set, the Windows Phone 7 interface is the first element that jumps out. The show display capabilities numerous “Live Tiles” of information for short get right of entry to and viewing. The display screen location is domestic to the records that many commercial enterprise users could appearance to first for applications inclusive of Outlook, Office, and SharePoint. Having recorded at your fingertips is just part of the commercial enterprise-pleasant tool. Several advanced capabilities stand out for corporations.

Not all and sundry believe that these functions and benefits can be every day with the SMB network’s aid. Some point to the want for Silverlight development capabilities to build unique programs, and maximum small and mid-sized businesses do not have the capacity or budget. Andrew Garcia, an eWeek contributor, wrote in June 2010 that there had been too many query marks around the OS, inclusive of the lack of an IPsec VPN patron that changed into to be had inside the previous model 6.5.

All in all, to study the demos of the Windows Phone 7, you may see a top-notch quantity of potential for thrilling packages to be constructed and marketed via the App Marketplace. The greater that is focused on the SMB area, the more you’ll see enterprise adoption so long as that does not include a heavy rate tag in IT setup and control. With the extra set up of iPhone and BlackBerry customers and the gradually rising Android network, it can be a while earlier than the 2 million handsets launched for sale virtually locate their manner into the palms of the SMB. Once they do and the creative minds get to paintings, the sky is the limit, and with the near-seamless integration into Microsoft, global may show to snowball into the dominant force with the aid of 2012.

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