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IOS 10 Vs Android 7.0: A Quick Comparison

Recently, Google shipped an array of cell devices – Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, and Pixel C – powered via Android 7.0 Nougat. The corporation has also discovered its plan to make the state-of-the-art Android version to be had to many non-Nexus devices shortly. Likewise, Apple has additionally discovered its plan to make iOS 10 to be had to unique gadgets – iPhone 5 and better, iPod contact 6th gen, iPad mini 2 and better, and iPad 4th generation – this month. Hence, the customers now can pick from gadgets powered via the trendy versions of iOS and Android. But the users should evaluate the functions of both mobile running structures to make the proper selection.


Understanding Major Differences among iOS 10 and Android 7.0 Nougat

User Interface Experience

Both iOS 10 and Android 7 include redesigned and polished user interfaces. But the Android customers have the choice to use domestic displays. The person interface of iOS 10 permits customers to take benefit of force contact and ‘Rise to wake’ features. The sensors deployed in the iOS tool screens can, without problems, come across the exact quantity of stress placed with the person’s aid. Hence, the customers can accomplish numerous responsibilities with the aid of placing a various quantity of strain. Likewise, the customers can gain the ‘Rise to wake’ characteristic to continuously keep the display. On the other hand, the user interface of Android 7 comes with a redesigned navigation bar button. It similarly allows customers to launch the remaining-used app by double tapping at the latest app button.


Bothe mobile working structures also include advanced notification systems. The notification machine blanketed in iOS 10 permits customers to have interaction with various notifications greater correctly. Also, the updated notification device works with 3rd-celebration apps. Hence, the mobile app builders can use this selection to push live updates to the notifications without setting a greater attempt. Simultaneously, redesigned notification device blanketed in Android 7 enables users to check notifications at once without establishing the cellular apps. The users also can open the notification and respond to messages without the usage of any messaging app.

Digital Assistant

Both iOS 10 and Android 7.0 come with stepped-forward virtual assistants. Apple has redesigned Siri to allow users to perform numerous new tasks by giving voice instructions. Also, it made Siri to be had to 0.33-birthday party iOS app builders. Today’s version of Siri protected in iOS 10 permits users to behavior online searches, ebook cabs, ship messages through a 3rd-celebration app, ask for instructions, track schedules, set alarms, and supply reminders and notifications. Android 7.0 also comes with an updated version of Google Now to make it less difficult for customers to accomplish additional tasks through voice commands. However, the up-to-date version of Google Now emphasizes more on personal interaction and lacks some of these advanced functionalities furnished with the aid of Siri.


IOS 10 Vs Android 7.0

The cutting-edge model of iOS comes with a completely revamped iMessage app. The messaging service now allows users to avail themselves of additional social functions and upload emojis and media attachments. But Android 7 allows users to select from an array of messaging apps. In addition to the Google Messenger app and Hangouts, the modern version of Android comes with new messaging apps – Allo and Duo. Hence, there are chances that the customers may additionally find it perplexing to select the right messaging app on Android.

Option to Delete Stock Apps

The current variations of iOS and Android allow customers to delete inventory apps with no trouble. But every mobile working device allows customers to delete specific inventory apps. Apple allows users handiest to hide the inventory apps. The users can unhide and use the inventory apps in destiny without downloading them again from the App Store. There are sure Android tool producers that allow users to uninstall stock apps in preference to hiding them. Hence, the option to delete inventory apps will range from one hardware manufacturer to any other.


Both iOS 10 and Android 7letets users perform multitasking and access more than one apps simultaneously. But the multitasking characteristic of iOS 10 is available simplest for precise fashions of iPad. On the alternative hand, Android 7.0 permits customers to run apps aspect by way of aspect on their smartphones and tablets. However, the multitasking overall performance will vary from one Android device to every other. The customers will require more RAM and high fine battery devices to get admission to apps simultaneously and easily on an unmarried tool.

Battery Life Extension

Both cell operating structures now permit users to reveal using batteries constantly. But Android 7 comes extends the battery life of gadgets correctly through the up-to-date Doze Mode. The up-to-date Doze Mode turns the battery-saving functions routinely when the tool remains idle for an extended time frame. Hence, the customers can deliver and use their Android gadgets without stress about battery utilization. However, the users have to overlook no longer disable heritage processed and apps to save battery consumption continuously.

Quick Settings

IOS 10 Vs Android 7.0

The redesigned Control Centre makes it less difficult for customers to customize devices powered using iOS 10. But the customers nevertheless need to positioned greater effort and time to personalize the settings in their device absolutely. But Android 7.0 allows customers to customize the settings of their mobile gadgets without any problem. It further permits customers to consist of numerous setting options in easy to reach slots. The customers can also switch among multiple options almost without delay.


Apple has stepped forward the great and overall performance of sure stock apps considerably. For example, the iOS 10 customers can access the up-to-date version of the picture app to pick out the people, location, and gadgets inner a particular photo. Hence, they can now kind and get admission to pictures based totally on varying criteria. Likewise, the users also can access the redesigned music apps to flow tracks via Apple Music streaming offerings and a simplified consumer interface. But Play Music allows Android 7 customers to each download man or woman tracks and movement the songs over the internet.

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