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How to Hide Apps to Remove Icons

Let’s face it — our phones are our heart and soul. We do everything on them, from banking to media intake. However, every now and then we download apps that we do not want others to see. Sometimes, we want to cover apps in order that, within the uncommon times we lend our smartphone to someone, we do not get judged for a lifetime by way of what they discover.

There’s also a good hazard that you don’t want

To open an app using its home display icon. Maybe you’ve got a gesture to release the app, or maybe a widget handles that for you. Whatever your reason, it might be exquisite with a purpose to conceal app icons out of your app drawer.

Sadly, this is not viable with the default home display screen app that comes pre-installed on maximum Android phones — however with Nova Launcher, this is straightforward to accomplish. So after a couple of minutes of quick setup, you can optimistically hand your cell phone over to absolutely everyone and now not worry what they’ll locate.

Hiding apps requires the paid version of Nova Launcher, that’s known as Nova Launcher Prime. To prompt Nova Launcher Prime, you ought to first download the bottom Nova Launcher app, then purchase and set up the Prime upload-on. To try this, simply head to the hyperlink underneath.

Once you have Nova Launcher Prime, lengthy-press any empty space on your home display, then faucet the Settings cog. From there, head to the App & widget drawers and scroll all of the manners to bottom. In the Drawer groups section, you will see an alternative categorized “Hide apps.” Selecting this option will open a menu in which you can choose any app you want to cover.

Impact of Mobile Apps in Transforming the Travel Industry


Businesses of this cell-pushed world are making tremendous efforts to make use of the brilliant scope of boosting their ROI by way of having a cell app. Ranging from style, entertainment, textiles to travel and tourism, almost each industry is making their enterprise cell-centric while thinking about the hastily increasing mobile audience. Over the years, the tour and tourism industry experienced a steady boom with the aid of incorporating the use of cellular apps and reached the wider segment of humans.


Prominence of Mobile Apps within the Travel and Tourism Industry
The global has come into the fingertips of cell customers these days and getting any kind of real-time statistics has become almost absolutely everyone’s cup of tea. Apps have grown to be the most popular mode for humans in terms of the undertaking of flight reserving, resort room reserving or any other activity related to their journey.


With the immediate availability of all kind of relevant records, users can get any kind of information they need without having to consult any representative and make a constant circulate. While considering the commercial enterprise perspective, automating all crucial sorts of operations which include invoicing, facts, reserving and billing ultimately bring about saving money and time.

Customised offerings
Apps act because the excellent supply for companies to connect with their customers. The tour agencies have provided you with customized services for his or her clients to meet their exact wishes in phrases of accommodation, car parking, airline booking, and plenty extra. To offer customised services, it’s far vital to realize what your clients are really looking for. It is essential as a way to recognize what are the necessities of a tourist even as planning a trip after which offer the precise set of capabilities as consistent with his choice.

Exciting Offers and Deals

With apps, it has ended up less difficult for travelers to quench their deep-down thirst of wanderlust. Keeping this in thoughts, the tour companies have given you thrilling deal programs and unique offers for appealing more variety of customers to heighten their traveling experience.

Facilitating Strong Connectivity

Mobile apps play an essential function in bridging the space between the journey agencies and travelers. They host a number of features which, facilitate seamless communication among them and supply a best-in-class revel in. Different activities like looking, planning, deciding on the package and booking, the whole lot gets performed beneath an unmarried platform. Thus, it effects in doing away with the hassles concerned inside the process.

Five Best iPhone Apps For Choosing a Restaurant


A long-term ago, earlier than there were iPhones if you and your pals wanted to exit to devour, there has been a whole ritual worried. You’d name each other on your “dumb” phones, have a whole communique on who’s hungry for what, then call every different again with eating place tips. Then you would all call every different a few extra with competing recommendations primarily based on price, proximity, and many others. Eventually, each person could converge at the joint, flip-telephones nevertheless in hand, and understand you had been there.

Now, “there may be an app for that.” You are trying to find out places, rate stages, cuisines, and even top dietary alternatives the use of your iPhone, and get down to chowing down in report time.

So what’s the excellent app for finding a place? It relies upon what functions you need. Here’s a brief menu:

Restaurant Finder (Free)

Perfect for vacationers, Restaurant Finder lets you input the cuisine you want and the town/zip code or vicinity, and returns the nearest restaurants that have what you’re hungry for, showing address, phone number, and URL, if to be had. It additionally offers you an on-hand weather forecast, so that you recognize when “closer is higher.”

Find a Restaurant (.Ninety nine) – This on-hand app is going Restaurant Finder one higher; it tells you your current vicinity the use of GPS. Search by means of cuisine, and it gives you nearby restaurants entire with telephone quantity, GPS map location, driving guidelines, and one-touch internet site visit (But no climate). Also, includes Tip Calculator (yes, it splits the take a look at in case you need. Cheapskate.)

Urbanspoon (Free) – This is the app from the Apple classified ads with the “slot machine” randomizing feature to feature a touch a laugh to your seek. Of route, you can additionally filter out selections through cuisine, rate, or region. Urbanspoon additionally includes getting right of entry to ratings and evaluations and a “buddies” function to add a hint of social networking…But it’s no Yelp.

Yelp (Free) – Yelp isn’t always hopping on the social networking

Bandwagon; it’s the real deal. That’s due to the fact Yelp is an internet site first and an app second (that is each exact and awful–however more on that during a moment). With Yelp you look for an eating place, bar, club, or any enterprise in comparable ways to different eating place-locating apps, or simply input the name of a meal (e.G., “Peking Duck”) and Yelp reveals an area for you. You can put up notes and evaluations (although you have to go to the Yelp website to put up–therefore the “properly and awful” comment above.) The “Check-in” function helps you too and your friends tune each others’ whereabouts. Fear now not: Check-in is voluntary, so if the stalker ex is again, you are safe. Check the equal area often enough, and Yelp makes a decision you are a regular. Some user lawsuits of outdated/inaccurate facts; not horrific at finding the eats, terrific at maintaining the birthday celebration rolling.

Importance of Icons in Usability


Icons goal to symbolize an emotion or concept in a visual manner through precise coloration, fashion, and enchantment. The purpose of an icon in a consumer interface is to resonate with the brand persona in a clear and consistent manner. This allows the consumer to accomplish their project with extra ease and versatility. It is crucial for the icon to keep readability and consistency. The icon is greater than an attention-grabbing detail for the users. Many designers have found it hard to determine among icon and textual content in phrases of usability. The old saying that “a picture is really worth 1000 words” holds proper for usability and performance of icon over text.

What Can Icons Do?

Icons are an effective medium to outline meaning in a small area compared to text. This becomes all the extra essential in an era wherein display sizes have shriveled and responsive layout standards have made it obligatory to redefine design as in keeping with the display size. Icons improve the intuitive detail of net layout – an essential layout preferred.

Icons can be both easy and complex. Although easy icons lessen the want of learnability, complex icons are designed for niche areas. Simple icons are meant for customers who’re beginners and have to understand the brand which means with the least attempt at a quicker pace. Complex icons might require a steeper studying curve, however, are used to explain complicated ideas in a smaller area. Organizations even educate their personnel to apprehend complex icons with inherently complicated meanings. Icons benefit significance when language boundaries exist. Icons serve as a means to upward thrust above this barrier via the visual representation of textual content. In cases in which legibility is a trouble, icons work nicely to skip at the inherent message of the logo/product and offerings to folks that are not literate enough. (1)

Purpose of Icon for User Interface

For small screens, icons can be more advantageous by way of touch and function top targets. The toolbars and navigational menu objects have extra space to be displayed due to the fact icons unfastened up a number of areas that would otherwise be utilized by text. Memorability is improved via the usage of icons because snapshots sign in for a longer time in the brain compared to text. Hence, icons stay fresher to your mind, making it less complicated for users to understand them. Icons enhance the visual appeal of the design and consistency reinforces a products or services class. (2)

Problems Associated With Icons

Regardless of icons being a powerful visible tool to beautify usability of the person interface, icons do have certain issues. Sometimes instead of improving usability, icons can reason ambiguity and text labels emerge as vital to speak meaning. If there may be vagueness in icon layout, the presence of a text label turns into vital (rather than allowing customers to play a guessing recreation).

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