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My Blog Is A Failure

I’ve been working at this running a blog aspect for greater than 12 months, and I have not truely made any money, and I don’t get many visitors, and I am a miserable failure. My weblog is a failure, and I think I’ll go someplace and positioned myself out of my distress… Have you ever study a weblog publish like that? I even have, and I’ve seen very similar ones throughout (now not pretty as awful) from humans that have been genuinely discouraged with the aid of their loss of running a blog success.

That one became approximately one of the most severe posts I’ve examined, and that man or woman has pretty lots given up. Have you ever been at the ceasing of your rope together with your blog? You’re not getting any comments; you do not get many visits, you’re not making any money, you do not know what to post about, you are now not meeting your desires – perhaps you do not even have any dreams yet! You are considering the fulfillment you as soon as dreamed of as a blogger, and you’re now contemplating yourself as a failure.


That put up I examine resonated with me because I’ve been at crossroads like this earlier than myself. Time and time, once more, I was prepared to pretty because I did not assume I was getting anywhere. In the returned of my head, I always remembered something Shoemoney wrote on his weblog. It became approximately people who believed that he became some “overnight sensation” raking in tens of thousands on his website with ringtones. He pointed out that the first two years he tried to make money online, I made nothing. Not an unmarried penny. He even got fired from his day job for running on his ringtone website online at work (that wasn’t making any cash yet).

Success is in no way overnight. Success is a learning process, and running a blog is “examine as you cross.” I think about Stevie Ray Vaughan, who rose to fame in 1981 with his first album and hit unmarried “Pride and Joy.” His fulfillment appeared overnight. Most had no concept he was born in 1954 and were gambling for the age of twelve. From 1970-1980 he played, and played, and performed, and performed on stage a few more, perfecting his craft.

It’s not to mention that he did not have true herbal skills. But his incessant passion for a tune and refusal to surrender on his dreams and desires drove him never to give up and press on. However, the truth that he did not consume anything, sleep and breathe his craft for greater than a decade whilst practically residing as a vagrant made him into the talent he became.

I’m not announcing you need to blog for 10 years without making money or being a hit in any way. However, you want to be sensible approximately what it’s miles that you count on. I put this blog on the line in June 2007. I am grateful for the boom I’ve had so far inside the closing 10 months and look ahead to the subsequent 12 months. I never suppose that I’m a huge blogger (but). I do assume I’m in a position to inform you about what I’ve skilled to date, and maybe it’ll help you.

What to Expect Your First Month of Blogging

If you are todays to this “running a blog,” suppose the first month is in which you’ll have your first difficult time. I assume it is without a doubt in which most of the people quit. They quit due to the fact they don’t have a plan for blog achievement. The first task you genuinely have is putting your blog up the first time, getting a theme you like, and getting to know your manner around your blog.

The subsequent trouble you have is posting content material and creating pleasant, constant content that humans will read. My solution to “what to expect” your first month running a blog is “numerous work”! Whatever you get, you get, but don’t expect a good deal of whatever your first month of running a blog in phrases of visits or money. Think of it as the first month at the task or the first time period at school. You’re nevertheless seeking to get acclimated to how things paintings.


After your first 3 months of blogging, you need to experience like you’ve got a bit of a habitual. It would help if you were regularly posting and actually have a few ideas for posts stacked up. If you do not (like I failed to), you need to get greater prepared. Keep a pen and paper accessible, and write down all your ideas as you get them for later use. Also, read lots and masses and lots of other blogs – and you will get all types of thoughts to write about. Make positive spending satisfactory time blogging and not losing time.

Now that you have a few content materials (after the first month), get your weblog registered with Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Also, learn to sign your search engine ratings to parent out where (and if) human beings are finding your web page in engines like google. Sign up for some of the social running a blog network and attain out to different bloggers. Check out MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Bumpzee, entreCard, or one of the many different ones available. You can try this by messaging humans, commenting on their blogs, offering to guest submit, or advertising on blogs. The more you interact with other bloggers, the greater publicity you will get.

Explore new WordPress plugins (if you use WordPress), or determine out approaches to creatively expand your website online and make it more beneficial for your visitors with plugins and modules. Regularly view your weblog stats and examine which Google analytics are maximum crucial. It would help if you were mastering How to do Basic Keyword Research and Build Links. If you’re using WordPress, Learn How to Manage WordPress More Effectively; if you’re using another running blog platform – study greater approximately it, the way to hack it, and personalize it extra to your liking. Also, begin to analyze How to Monetize Your Blog if you haven’t already. Learning how to convert your visitors into monthly earnings is probably one of the most important things you could do – and might (inside the destiny) be the simplest aspect that keeps you from quitting. Nobody desires to weblog at no cost all the time.

You may anticipate having some everyday site visitors at the 90-day mark, whether 15 visits a day or 100. It would help if you were on a normal posting timetable and feature posting thoughts backed up. You need to recognize your blogging software’s bits and bobs and be comfortable making a few customizations. You should have some monetization and be continuously mastering a way to promote your web page in as many methods as feasible. You may additionally or may not be getting everyday feedback on your posts at this point, and your visitors might not be that great. You may not actually have a Google PageRank but right seek engine outcomes, but you’re in “build mode” at this point. It would help if you were both reading and writing loads. Think of this segment as your “blog internship.”

The 6 Month Blogging Milestone


This has to be the turning factor on your weblog, pretty much. If you’ve been posting 2-3 instances according to week (at least), you should now have greater than 50 posts. For me, it simply looks as if it truly is the point wherein things begin to get a bit less complicated. It’s like being at the activity a year or two or getting halfway through high faculty or college. You know what to anticipate; you already know what is occurring – you seem to have a pretty suitable deal with things. If you probably did everything I said to do for the preceding milestones, then you must have 50+ articles with a few “pillar” articles being the attraction and the rest contributing a little bit every day.

Hopefully, you have 50-a hundred comments in your posts as a minimum, and 100-300 tourist’s in step with the day. You’re someplace “inside the mix” out within the blogging network, and you’ve got some fans to your own blog community, and different bloggers may additionally know you as a part of theirs. You have to be used to posting and writing, so it’s time to do a few extra matters to give you an additional push.

Check Your Sitemap in opposition to your SERPs to ensure indexing in search engines like google goes well. You must have enough posts now to consider going back and making previous posts greater worthwhile. Now which you have plenty of posts stacked up, reflect consideration on organizing your web page using pages. Monetize your Search Results with products or Create your own theme. You ought to even add content by way of creating a whole associate save from an information feed. Now that you have enough articles, you may severely bear in mind submitting your first-class content through getting to know a way to do article listing promoting.

Create Your Own Blogging Milestones

If you have not already found out, the entirety you do as a blogger is only a building block. Like an attorney constructing a reputation, a pastor building a congregation, a mechanic constructing a purchaser base, or a health practitioner building a base of patients – YOU as a blogger is creating your own milestones. It would help if you made desires and plans to reach them.

Analyze where you are now and in which you need to be. What will it take to get there? Make a short, medium, and long-term goal. If you’ve got a hundred traffic according to today now, what would it not take to get 200? If you make nothing for your blog now, what would it not take to make enough to pay on your web hosting invoice? How many posts and remarks do you need by the cease of the 12 months? Goals that you achieve will be your very own milestones. Do what I did a while lower back and examine what the habits of successful bloggers are.

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