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5 Smart Ways To Make Big Money From Blogging

I even have for some time quietly located the running a blog fashion and observed that such a lot of human beings begin blogging; however, I don’t truly realize how to turn at the blogging cash faucet. In fact, blogging is a massive business in today’s world, and I estimate that through the end of these 12 months, the variety of new blogs need to at least triple. As a be counted of reality, as ways lower back as 2007, The China Internet Network Information Center reported the number of blogs areas had reached 72. 82 million simply in China by myself, and now we were in 2014.

As of nowadays, it’s far anticipated that as a minimum, 3 new blogs are created each half of a 2nd, and an extra than 200,000 blogs are created according to the day! For the smart investor, and for people who have insight into commercial enterprise possibility, this will suggest the handiest one component – there may be a lot of cash to be made.

I do not keep in mind myself as an energetic blogger virtually because I actually have various stuff that competes for my time and attention. However, the truth remains that given that 2006, each of my running a blog projects has produced now not less than $5000 consistent with yr and all it prices me to position them up is $9. So, examine articles and re-read them once more, then go all out to take a few blogging motions because blogs are there to make you rich!

After over 8 months, I have found out deeply about blogs and running a blog, and I have sold and studied almost each new $97 weblog e-books. I will supply you 5 straightforward ways to make money from blogging:


1. Start A Blog Theme Directory

This appears obvious. However, I am 100% sure that 99% of bloggers worldwide have in no way considered doing this, yet there is a lot of money to be made from it. If you have ever owned a weblog, you have to have always located yourself looking to make it precise. In your bid to do this, you search around for weblog subject matters, particularly in the case of the all well-known WordPress themes. Imagine the envisioned 200 million blogs on the net, and you won’t want a college degree to discern out the fact that those men (proprietors of these blogs) are looking for precise topics.

Fortunately, WordPress themes aren’t so tough to create. You can create them from scratch when you have a piece of images and pc programming information or truly buy rights to the themes, which promote them on the modern fee or do little modifications to cause them to be precise and then sell. I actually have visible locations online where one single WordPress topic sells for as a great deal as $200. Common! Think approximately over 200 million and developing ability customers ready to buy from you.

2. Start a WordPress Theme Customization Service


This will require you to have a few simple competencies, like customizing present topics, portraits, plugin installation, and then the subject matter installation itself. Again, this is not so tough to examine. As a remember of reality, you can learn subject matter customization below 24 hours if you positioned your coronary heart to it, after which be in commercial enterprise. Just start using your abilities in consumer acquisition that you’ve learned over the years to get customers and rate them a price in your provider.

3. Build & Flip WordPress Blogs

I cannot cover all of the critical details for doing this here. However, I will describe the basics as quickly as I can. The first thing to do is come up with a blog approximately an area (area of interest) that you recognize is warm. Once you have a good area of interest, buy a site call and web hosting account through an excellent business enterprise that offers those offerings.

Once you have got get admission to the manipulate panel, login, and upload your blog. Once that is performed, discover a right WordPress subject matter and set it up on your weblog. After that, position 10 to 30 unique articles on the blog. You need to be able to sell the weblog for among $200 to $1000, relying on how well it’s far achieved, the first-class of articles, how many visitors you could draw to it, et cetera.

Truthfully, as I am worried about, this is some quality, fast cash because you can even sell your blog less than 48 hours for as high as $200. Now do the Mathematics. You invested $15 to set up an effective weblog and offered it out for $200, and you recognize for sure that you could create 5 of such per week. That means you could easily rake up to $1000 promoting blogs regularly.

NOTE: while starting, it isn’t unusual to make some mistakes and promote lower; however, when you start getting a feel of how this is done, you may be amazed that you could easily make $2000 worth of deals pretty easily. Also, take into account that now not all your challenge will promote; however, the ones that promote will compensate handsomely for those that did now not promote.

4. Advert & Affiliate Earnings

Build a blog, paintings on it, make it popular, and sell advert area on it. The amazing element is that there are quite a few ad control plugins that do a pleasant activity of placing your ad on the blog and closing it off routinely at the end of the ad length. So, once you have got a popular or fairly famous blog, begin setting adverts spaces for humans visiting it to see. If you get to the factor of getting a viral weblog website, I do not see why the banks and different huge companies will not need to place their adverts on your weblog website and pay you for advert placement.

Another way to earn is by using AdSense and Affiliate programs. There are a lot of programs that pay. There are health merchandise, splendor merchandise, internet hosting services like HostGator, autoresponders like Getresponse, Website builders like internet site wizard et cetera that you could without difficulty making money from their affiliate programs by using the usage of your blog as the platform for advertising or selling them thru your associate links.

5. Blog Banner Design Services

If you have been online for a length of time, you’ll observe that there are commonly 2 columns on maximum blogs, and somewhere at the side, you may see 125 X 125 advert boxes advertising one issue or the alternative. This is the type of stuff that many such blogs or websites create.

So, if you may create lovely animated “gif” pix, there may be a large enterprise waiting for you. Even if you can not do this at the moment, get a replica of Fireworks, install it, and go browsing to locate tutorials on growing animated gif pix with fireworks.

You can see that running a blog is honestly a huge business simply that it has several workers in it. As the pronouncing is going “No pain, No advantage.” So you have to put in some efforts, time, and funds in other to make a reasonable income through running a blog.

My call is Michael Clement Okogho. I am an internet entrepreneur and consultant. The primary motive of being right here is to share critical and profitable facts with fellow community marketers (both new and old in the commercial enterprise or about to begin).

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