ZEE Entertainment completes sale of TEN Sports to Sony

Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEEL) nowadays stated it has completed two-step sale of its game business, TEN Sports Network, to Sony Pictures and obtained USD 36.32 million (about Rs 232 crore) within the second section.

In August the last yr, ZEEL had introduced it might sell its sports channel Ten Sports to Sony Pictures Networks for USD 385 million in an all coins deal.

The company and Sony Pictures Network India (SPNI) has “at the same time concluded closure of transaction upon receipt of remittance of consideration of USD 36.32 million from SPNI”, the company stated in a BSE filing.

ZEEL had in February completed the first section of the sale for USD 330 million.

“The adjustment of the attention quantity internal is in particular consequent to retention of a hire keep immovable belongings at Dubai by means of Taj Tv Ltd, Mauritius and certain operating capital modifications of the sports activities enterprise as consistent with the settlement,” ZEEL said.

Benefits of a Quality In-Flight Entertainment Solution


Customer retention is essential for all airlines, as they are trying to find to encourage passengers to remain dependable whilst booking their subsequent flights. However, with fierce competition inside the sector, every airline should paintings difficult to improve the flying experience for his or her passengers so that it will build long time relationship.

From in-flight films and TV suggests to audiobooks and music, there are plenty of alternatives available to airlines wanting to entertain their passengers. Here are 10 benefits to airlines making an investment in an exceptional in-flight leisure solution.


1. By providing passengers with an exciting in-flight enjoy, they may be more likely to apply your airline within the future. A precise in-flight film, as an example, can pass an extended way to assisting passengers thoroughly enjoy their adventure.

2. As nicely as rebooking with you inside the future, a happy passenger might also endorse your airline to friends, household or associates within their social community.

Three. On the flipside, passengers may additionally

By no means use or advise your airline again if their enjoy turned into a negative one. Poor in-flight enjoyment could make a chief contribution to low tiers of satisfaction.

Four. If any passengers are nervous fliers, an exciting and numerous entertainment presenting will assist to distract them from their worries and enjoy the flight.

Five. Where flights are specifically long, passengers can become worn-out and stressed. However, a great in-flight entertainment package deal will assist focus their attention and make the flight time experience a lot shorter.

6. It is essential to realize that now not all passengers want to be entertained; some will want rest and rest in the course of the flight. An incredible solution is pzizz, a new machine designed to help passengers relax and sleep all through flights.

7. In-flight leisure, with its on

Display possibilities can be the suitable medium for third birthday celebration advertisers and will help your airline to maximise its onboard sales ability.

Eight. Your airline can also use the on-display possibilities to sell its range of duty-free items, meals, and drinks to assist maximise income.

Nine. Rental of headsets to passengers if you want to enjoy in-flight amusement can also prove to be a beneficial source of revenue.

10. Airlines at the moment are producing even extra earnings by way of presenting rentable transportable leisure systems, which include the Sony PSP, which allow passengers to play in-flight video games and watch movies and TV suggests.

Durable Furniture Completes Your Home


When setting up a brand new residing, one of the several priorities of the owner is to provide the house with its basic requirements. In order for a house to be the place in which your own family can properly and simple relaxation, it must be furnished well. The special areas of the residence should have the exact type of equipment to save you injuries.

You need to spend it slowly, energy and peculiarly

Cash when you’ll purchase a new set of furniture. When you’re nevertheless making plans to gather furnishings for your own home, you must bear in mind its benefits and drawbacks. You have to additionally think about your reason why you need to buy a pure form of furnishings.

Your budget is one of an essential stuff you need to recall before absolutely furnishing your house. You have to not spend too much from what is really required. Buy gadgets which can be practical to your circle of relatives. The kind and the wide variety of chairs as an example must correspond to the quantity of folks residing in your property. If your finances are restrained, you ought to discover ways to accumulate matters gradually. There are also shops who provide furniture apartment in case you have a tendency to live in a brand new residence for an immediate reason.

The age of the individuals dwelling inner your home is one

Of the factors which you have to think about thoroughly. If you’ve got youngsters at your property you need to relax them first above from something else. A child-evidence residence is a precise area for youngsters under five years antique. A residence ought to now not include any sharp items that are not safe for the youngsters. When you stay together with your grandparents you must recommend a place interior your residence that is suitable for them to live. You should keep away from making your floor too polished to protect them from any injuries.

The kind of fixtures you’re going to buy will depend on your own preference and preference. There are many varieties of fixtures in an effort to genuinely match your taste. It is wiser to evaluate your desires so that you will recognize the kind of fixtures material you’re going to use. You must be very precise with its first-rate and sturdiness. You can use the vintage and cutting-edge designs of furnishings interior your home. You can even have all of them jumbled together your property in case you need to.

Wood is the maximum not unusual fabric utilized in making fixtures.

It has confirmed its versatility to its customers. Another accurate issue about wood is that it’s far very safe for youngsters. It does no longer incorporate chemicals which may harm your children. Meanwhile, the opposite fabric utilized in fixtures production is metal. Metal is specially used in making modern furnishings. It is sensible to apply steel because is greater long-lasting than wood. However rusting is the obvious hassle of metallic fixtures. Another form of fabric used in recent times is the plastic fiber. Unlike wooden and metallic, plastic fibers are molded making them popularly known as molded furniture. Although plastic fiber is indeed long lasting, its characteristics are limited for making chairs and lightweight cabinets most effective.

Sports and Hobbies in Singapore


Singaporeans are sports activities oriented, readily taking component in one-of-a-kind styles of sports for competition and endeavor. There are several ovals, stadiums, and gymnasiums which sustain and improve the carrying prowess of Singaporeans for the duration of the 12 months. For the much less lively, hobbies abound.

Popular sports activities and facilities

There is an abundance of gambling area for each outdoors and indoor sports.

Outdoor sports

The fundamental sports activities in Singapore are soccer (soccer), cricket, rugby union, swimming, badminton, basketball, biking and desk tennis. All those sports activities are performed outside on ovals, stadiums or for less formal opposition, in nearby parks

The most famous spectator recreation is football. The united states of America have its very own football league, S League, that’s made up of 10 groups that travel around the united states and compete with every other. The countrywide team three times won the Tiger Cup opposition of Southeast Asia in 1998, 2004 and 2007.

The usa is surrounded by using the ocean, and citizens revel in many water sports including sailing, kayaking, and water snowboarding.

Dragon boat racing is a countrywide interest with several golf equipment and groups that compete regularly.

In addition to surface activities, some have even taken themselves below the sea floor for scuba diving- the southern island of Pulau Hangu, known for its picturesque coral formations.

Indoor sports

The majority of residents in Singapore stay in public residential areas which are properly furnished with swimming pools, outside basketball courts, in addition to indoor sports activities facilities that offer facilities for gambling indoor games including badminton, squash, desk tennis, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and other sports.


A visitor to Singapore might also have sure interests nurtured from home, however, there may be continually room to improvise and diversify interests and enjoy them at the same time as touring Singapore.

Available pursuits

There are gourmet cooking training, where cooking experts can impart their expertise of cooking competencies on neighborhood ingredients. The obtained abilities can be further developed via the traveler after returning domestic.

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