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15 Free WooCommerce Extensions, to Extend

With over three million active installs, WooCommerce is the most popular platform for e-commerce agencies. Its fulfillment is partly because of its flexibility, with hundreds of extensions available to personalize every store. Here is a group of plugins to increase the features of a WooCommerce shop. There are plugins for invoicing, search, coupons and reductions, sliders, multiple languages, and social media advertising. All of these plugins are loose, even though some also offer top-rated plans.

Free Extensions for WooCommerce

YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1. This is a group of extensions to add powerful capabilities to a WooCommerce keep, including want list, image zoom, quote requests, product clear out, multi-supplier save, credit card bills, and plenty more.

WooCommerce Customizer.

This plugin offers a settings page where you can add your customizations and shop them while not writing code or altering any templates, which’s beneficial for quick alternate trying out. Instant Search +. Instant Search + provides fast, cloud-primarily based instant search in your WooCommerce store. Install search-as-you-type product names, descriptions, photos, and prices for the primary typed individual. Utilize fast cloud-CDN-based totally outcomes, product promotions, and personalized real-time seek question pointers. Free for stores with as much as one hundred merchandise. Premium plans start at $14.Ninety-nine according to month.


WooCommerce Bulk Discount. WooCommerce Bulk Discount makes it feasible to use excellent-grained bulk reductions to gadgets within the purchasing cart, depending on the quantity and precise product. Set percent and glued or flat bulk discount in currency gadgets and discounts personally in line with the product or globally for all products.

WordPress Woocommerce to Magento Migration – Guide For Magento Developers

Magento and WordPress Woocommerce has developed of the best e-commerce structures from the improvement attitude. Despite the striking contrast between the 2 systems, they share a few trends in phrases of customization in addition to client-centric functions. Henceforth, the common question that disturbs every developer is, “Is it without a doubt possible, sufficient o migrate from Woocommerce to Magento?” Let us clear this doubt for all the ones worried in e-commerce improvement services.

Why Magento and not Woocommerce?


For small-sized enterprises, Woocommerce is probably great in shape. However, for large-scale companies, Magento gives an intensive variety of advanced functions. Multi-supplier e-commerce save introduction is a chief difficulty inside the case of Woocommerce when you consider that it’s miles ultimately a CMS plugin. Since Magento has been specifically constructed to cater to e-commerce desires, it does play a critical function in the seamless handling of heavy records.

Unlike Woocommerce

Magento does now not restrict you to the number of a seller, and subsequently, it’s miles rather viable to go for a Magento platform. Woocommerce will appear least expensive for primary needs, but it can come to be a pricey affair when going for added extensions. Hiring Magento builders will do 90% of your paintings right away, considering that Magento is complete of an innumerable number of free issues, extensions, and backend equipment, required to make your e-commerce website online aesthetically appealing and consumer-friendly at the same time.

How to provoke Woocommerce to Magento migration?

This is an onerous work that needs a phased approach followed systematically. Being a Magento improvement enterprise for years, we’ve categorized the migration procedure into distinctive levels so that you no longer compromise on impeccable fine.

Phase 1 – Have a backup prepared for all of your records

Magento developers want to safeguard purchaser’s records first hand. Hence, it’s miles an accountable mission to get all the statistics within the backup folder first. This will assist you in restricting any contingencies. You can pass about storing the backup statistics in Big Bucket or at the local device for you, the developer.

Phase 2 – Product migration starts offevolved right here

Once you are completed with backing up matters, it is time to recreate the same environment within the Magento platform. Therefore, you want to locate the radio buttons, text boxes, graphical elements, attributes, product info, and greater, in a precisely identical manner as was in the case of Woocommerce.

Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Extensions


Hair extensions can vary substantially when it comes to quality and the potential to combo with the present hair. The maximum not unusual sorts encompass artificial and real human. Here is an outline of the exclusive types of hair extensions:

How are they made?

Human hair extensions are the real element and made the use of herbal hair sourced from a donor. The notable alternatives like Remy’s hair still have the cuticle intact and flow in the same direction. There is a decrease chance of tangling in this method, and the extensions are loads less complicated to manage. However, artificial hair is completely free of natural hair and is made instead of using various blended synthetic fibers. The fibers are purposely made to mimic the appearance of natural hair, and usually, in a plastic-type cloth, this is extraordinarily skinny.

Look and sense

Both varieties of extensions are to be had with a preference of application methods, hues, and styles. The human hair extensions are less complicated to combo and appearance actual and herbal. But, the satisfactory of the artificial fibers can vary. Most of these extensions are pretty stiff and unlikely to move or glide like the present hair. Also, they can experience pretty coarsen or wiry while touched.

Styling and coloring

Synthetic hair is much less bendy on the subject of styling and coloring. It does not supply the choice to alternate the hair’s coloration because maximum dyes consist of bleach or ammonia, which might truly harm the extensions. Also, it’s far satisfactory to keep away from using a blow dryer, straighteners, or curling irons because the heat will, in all likelihood, melt the plastic strands. Other matters to take into account avoiding consist of harsh hair products, friction and lengthy-time period exposure to the sun. On the alternative hand, the human hair extensions may be styled and colored as you desire, and handled much like herbal hair.

Quality and durability

Synthetic hair is the low-cost alternative, but it does come with the constraints which have already been stated. Also, this extension’s life-cycle is shorter because the strands are without problems damaged with the aid of heat, sun, and hair products. Overall, they’ve got the capability to last as long as 2 or three months and will then want to get replaced. However, the human hair extensions can ultimate for 12 months or more if proper care is taken. Synthetic hair is a practical desire for the low-value choice but is restricted to styling and mixing with the existing hair. For the maximum proper look, it certainly makes the experience go with the real hair.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Electronics

Maybe you’ve searched for a long time for an excellent cleansing agent for your electronics. You want something that is chemical-free and non-poisonous, something this is non-abrasive and to ultimate a long term. That may seem like a tall order, and possibly you’ve got thought you need to locate several distinct cleaners so one can fit your needs. You’ll be satisfied to recognize that one product can do the whole thing you need it to do at the same time as keeping your electronics’ displays looking present day.

Screen Cleaners Extend The Life Of Your Electronics

Regardless of whether or not you have mobile phones, iPods, TVs, or laptop computer systems, or all of the devices underneath the sun, you’ve got spent a number of your difficult-earned money on these gadgets. You need to maintain them searching sharp and running as long as possible. Replacing them may be very steeply-priced. Some electronics need to get replaced sooner than normal because of loss of care and renovation. A quite simple manner to keep your gadgets lasting longer is to smooth them often with merchandise like screen cleaners, removing now not handiest dirt and filth, however also germs and microorganism.

Other Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Electronics

  • Flip them off whilst you aren’t the use of them
  • Don’t leave your electronics by means of something extremely warm, like a furnace
  • Do not go away your electronics via something freezing, like a freezer
  • Don’t leave your electronics uncovered to the elements, like within the sun or on a patio or deck
  • Don’t leave your gadgets inside the automobile
  • Take gain of the instances and protectors which can be on the market
  • Keep them ventilated, especially laptops and gaming consoles
  • With Apple products, make sure the tool says it’s equipped to be unplugged before you disconnect any cable.s
  • Preserve your device safety up to date (antivirus, firewalls, etcetera)
  • Do not hold your electronics on grimy surfaces, just like the floor
  • Dust off your electronics once a month or so, after which try and do a deep easy once every 3 to six months or so
  • A more superior tactic is to take apart your device for a deep smooth, like taking the battery out of a smartphone and cleansing the connectors, but it truly is totally as much as a non-public comfort degree
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