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What To Look At When Buying An External Storage Device

It’s harrowing to lose information and data that you’ve taken years to create. That’s why there are umpteen portable data storage devices on the market to help you store your data. IT experts advise that the best place to keep data is in cloud systems. Unfortunately, cloud storage is still isn’t convenient. That leaves you with no choice but to use other data storage devices.

External Storage Device

Data storage devices range from tiny drives that can be mounted to mobile devices to larger networks best suited for multi-user environments. To ensure that you handle your data and information appropriately, you need to select the best device for storing data. Your device choice shouldn’t only hold your data, but it should also distribute it.

Here are some things that you should look at when buying an external storage device:

1. Storage Capacity

One of the most vital specifications that data storage device owners look at when purchasing an external drive is its storage space. Buying a device with encryption, high speed, and remote access is good. However, if it isn’t large enough to store your information, it may not be beneficial. Also, it would be needless to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a drive you can never fill.

So, the best size depends on your needs. If you need a device for transferring photos, documents, and other media from your tablet, laptop, or computer, a mid-range flash drive is okay.

Though the largest of such drives can accommodate up to 2TB of information, they’re costly. Furthermore, they may be unnecessary for simple transfers. It would be best to buy a drive with about 64GB because it’ll help you save money.

If you intend to store more information or large folders and files for a long time, you’ll need something more significant. A 1TB drive can be ideal for such data and help you store information for a longer period. You can buy a larger disc drive if you intend to store thousands of movies.

2. Transfer Speeds

Although size is an important factor when selecting external drives, you should also consider transfer speeds. Regularly transferring files to larger drives may make you wait for a longer period for the transfer to complete.

Two factors determine how fast a storage device can be: the connector it uses and its storage technology. Though drives have different transfer speeds, SSDs process information quicker than HDDs. That’s why they’re more expensive.

In terms of connecting between your mobile device or PC, you have several options to choose from. Most people prefer using USB interfaces, though thunderbolt connections may be faster.

3. Portability

If you require a drive for storing backups in your home, NAS devices may be a great option. You can wire these devices to your local network and pack them in many storages and drive modes.

But if you want to walk with your device wherever you go, you need to consider how portable it is. It needs to be small and lightweight to enable you to stuff it in your pocket or bag, where you can quickly and immediately access it.


Though it’s vital to consider storage and speed when buying an external drive, cost and portability are also factors you need to look at. The drive you select should drive its purpose well and help you keep your data secure.

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