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Tips Memilih Berita dan Menghindari Hoax di Internet

Bisnis.Com, JAKARTA — Media sosial (khususnya Facebook) sebetulnya bukan sumber berita yang ideal karena kita cenderung mengikuti dan berkumpul dengan orang-orang yang sependapat dengan diri kita sendiri. Oleh karena itu, berita-berita yang tampil di Facebook biasanya adalah berita yang disukai oleh lingkaran sosial Anda.

Namun, penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Edelman di Indonesia

Atau Pew Research di Amerika Serikat menunjukkan saat ini media sosial merupakan salah satu sumber berita utama.
Agar lebih cerdas memilih berita dan artikel internet, satu cara yang disarankan adalah memilih sendiri sumber berita yang hendak dibaca. Tentunya Anda harus dengan sadar memilih juga situs web yang tidak selalu segaris dengan pendapat Anda, tetapi sudah terbukti terpercaya.

Bila Anda mengumpulkan banyak sumber berita, agak merepotkan juga mengunjungi semua situs internet tersebut satu-satu. Ini merupakan salah satu alasan kenapa orang membiarkan berita tersebut disaring lewat lingkaran sosial di Facebook atau Twitter. Cara terbaik untuk mengelola sumber berita dalam jumlah besar adalah menggunakan aplikasi agregator RSS seperti Feedly atau Inoreader.

Banyak orang pada saat ini menggunakan ponsel pintar sebagai peranti utama buat berbagai keperluan, termasuk untuk membaca berita. Ada berbagai aplikasi pembaca berita yang bisa digunakan seperti Google News, Google Play Newsstand, dan Flipboard. Namun kebanyakan sumber berita dari aplikas-aplikasi seperti ini dipilih sendiri oleh pengembang, dan agak susah menambahkan sumber berita sendiri.

Aplikasi Feedly atau Inoreader lebih cocok bila

Anda ingin memilih sendiri sumber berita yang hendak Anda baca. Anda tinggal menambahkan alamat web (URL) situs internet atau blog yang ingin Anda pantau, dan Feedly atau Inoreader akan memantaunya. Aplikasi ini juga tersedia dalam bentuk layanan web yang terselaraskan dengan aplikasi ponsel. Bila Anda sudah membaca atau menandai suatu berita di ponsel, informasi ini otomatis akan ditampilkan di layanan webnya.


Bila Anda seperti saya yang mengikuti banyak situs net (artinya bisa puluhan atau ratusan artikel dalam sehari) tentunya Anda tidak akan punya waktu untuk membaca semua. Anda harus mengatur sistem untuk memilih berita atau artikel apa saja yang patut dibaca.

Salah satu cara adalah memanfaatkan aplikasi agregator RSS untuk memindai berita, baik dari judulnya ataupun dari ringkasannya yang mungkin ditampilkan. Anda bisa mengirim artikel di agregator RSS ke layanan lain untuk dipilah lebih lanjut. Salah satunya adalah Evernote (bila Anda ingin menjadikannya sebagai sumber catatan) atau Pocket dan Instapaper (untuk dibaca dengan layout yang lebih nyaman).

Instapaper misalnya memiliki fitur untuk anotasi, sehingga Anda tidak hanya bisa membaca tetapi juga bisa menambahkan catatan dan komentar pada artikel yang Anda baca.

Dan Fogelberg’s Greatest Hits We MissedDan Fogelberg

Singer/Songwriter Dan Fogelberg launched 3 “Greatest Hits” (or “Best Of”) compilations before his premature loss of life in December of 2007. And at the same time, as all 3 of these collections consist of Fogelberg’s unmistakable radio-charting tunes, there’s a treasure trove of Fogelberg jewels to be found in the very same albums where the recognized “hits” are living. What are the titles of these unknown masterpieces, and where can they be discovered?

Released in 1982, Dan Fogelberg’s Greatest Hits protected Billboard’s chart-topping hits “Longer” and “Leader Of The Band” (in 1980 and ‘eighty-one respectively.) While it’s miles difficult to argue the inclusion of either of those songs in the Greatest Hits collection, there have been songs at the albums from which both of these hits were cherry-picked, which might not have met the requirements for regular radio rotation but had been “greatest hits” of the son of Peoria, IL in their own manner.

“Longer,” with its whimsical melody and impassioned lyrics, has

Been called “the correct love music.” The tune initially appeared on the album Phoenix in 1979. But hiding on an equal album was “Face The Fire,” a rocking, indignant, raucous (for Fogelberg) protest track aimed at nuclear proliferation in response to the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster. The starting lyric is a perfect set-up: “I hear the thunder three miles away. The island’s leaking into the bay. The poison is spreading; the demon is unfastened. People are jogging from what they cannot even see.” In the track’s refrain, a desperate-sounding Fogelberg pleads: “Face the hearth, you cannot pull away. The threat grows more with each passing day. The ready is over; the moment has come to kill the hearth and flip to the solar.” Perhaps the maximum haunting aspect of this track is the tune’s relevance thirty-something years later in the wake of Japan’s current nuclear meltdown.

In 1981 Dan Fogelberg’s double-album The Innocent Age changed into released, and inside the method, Fogelberg gave us what he later said changed into amongst his existence’s fine paintings. In addition to “The Leader Of The Band,” The seventeen music collections included radio-pleasant songs “Same Old Lang Syne,” “Run For The Roses,” and “Hard To Say.” However, there are minimum other hidden gemstones in this LP.

“The Reach,” an ode to Maine’s lobstermen, turned.

Into no longer radio-pleasant due to its period (six minutes and thirty seconds) and six/8 experience. However, close listening to this epic music and its properly-crafted lyrics will screen the real genius in the songwriter’s back. The establishing line and musical accompaniment prepare the listener for his or her resulting journey: “It’s Maine, and it’s autumn. The birches have just begun turning. It’s lifestyles, and it’s dying, the lobstermen’s boats come returning. With the capture of the day in their holds and the young boys bloodless and complaining, the fog meets the seaside, and out at the reach, it is raining.”

Also over-looked on The Innocent Age (and no longer particularly because of its length of six mins and 4 seconds) is “Nexus.” This album-starting variety capabilities Fogelberg’s guitar and vocal mastery and, in this creator’s opinion, possibly the very first-rate of Dan Fogelberg. With its acoustic 12-string guitar creation, “Nexus” builds to a climax and then breaks down and transitions to “world” rhythms earlier than returning to the song’s authentic experience, consequently concluding the manner it started, i.E. Fogelberg and the 12-string guitar. The journey we take with “Nexus” is like none different in Fogelberg’s catalog.

The Crop Circle Hoax Just Doesn’t Ring True!

Crop Circle Hoax

Crop circles have been appearing in fields across the world as ways back as 1667, “Strange News Out of Hertfordshire” ran the headline of the earliest find, now referred to as ‘The Mowing Devil’. The crop circle phenomena have been increasing exponentially since the 1970s. The reaction from the general media and governments has been to release a marketing campaign to dispel any fact to the concept that some of these may additionally, in truth, be true.

Bower and Chorley, more than one ‘pranksters.’

Whose claims to were at the back of the advent of many crop circles because 1978, have most effective introduced weight to this belief, and crop circles have therefore slipped into the trivialities and innocent fun category in the minds of many.

Institutional lack of expertise?

It’s certainly quite incredible that the media has, with the aid of and large, efficiently managed to also keep investigations into their authenticity very restrained and not taken particularly severely by way of the mass cognizance. The public at the moment come what may predict to consider that a man or woman or individuals inside the dead of night, the usage of primitive tools and equipment, then went on to supply those designs, that on nearer scrutiny are creations of such perfect mathematical symmetry, that amount to trendy-day masterpieces, and with not a blade of corn damaged, then managed to leave the region without even an entry or exit trail insight. That is some soar of religion!

In a courtroom of regulation

Suppose the comparable evidence had been provided to the jury. In that case, it’d be taken into consideration conclusive evidence of guilt or innocence of the accused. Yet, we’re able to abandon all logic in this case at the media and government’s say so. When some distance from being a hoax perpetrated by way of the few, more to this than meets the attention.

A latest discovery that seemed in a single day at Torino Airport in Italy on June 23rd, 2015, another creation of complex beauty that professionals consider might have taken at least 15 human beings to provide and at break-neck pace to avoid detection, had a message in binary code embedded within it which read, “time ET references!”, which translates as “beware of ET bearing presents!”. This message truly seemed to predict alien touch within the close to destiny.

Again, we will constantly write this off as just every other hoax; however, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, and the common feel technique may be to at least comprehend there might also just be hidden meanings within these crop circles. That possibly we need to sit up all and take note.

How the Internet Changed Pizza History


Pizza has usually been America’s favorite food. It’s been the difficulty of movies, books, and songs. However, this isn’t always sustenance for a few has to turn out to be an obsessive pride. And for many Fans, this dish is a sheer and utter ardor. The debate brings on an infinite thirst and quest for the argument that can not be easily quenched with just a slice.

People talk about their favorite pizzerias with the same emotionally

Charged energy as they might talk politics or their favorite sports activities group. Pizza has ended up so entrenched into the way of life that it is simple to forget; pizza has become once sincerely peasant meals. It becomes, for decades, enjoyed via the lower echelons of society, who ought to afford little else.

For a maximum of the lengthy and romantic records, this changed into a local dish. The splendid pies in New York stayed in New York. The great New York pizza’s interior secrets remained in the boroughs and neighborhoods where it was created. There could be an occasional newspaper or magazine article. Television and radio newshounds might sporadically speak slices on regional and neighborhood venues. However, except you visited New York and knew how to appearance, these inside secrets and techniques remained mysteries to the relaxation of u. S . A.

The pies in New Haven stayed in New Haven.

Frank Pepe commenced making pizza in 1925. Sally’s based via Franks, nephew, Salvatore Consiglio, got here into being a decade later. Modern Apizza, additionally in New Haven, evolved their own amazing masterpieces. Up the street in Derby, Connecticut, Roseland Apizza had created their personal emblem of top-notch delicacies, independently of absolutely everyone else.

Most people outside of New Haven were clueless about the pizza being created there. This became real for the maximum of the residents of the entire country. Most Connecticut residents had in no way the concept of visiting New Haven to consume pizza. And why might they? They had their own super pizza, or so that they thought.

And so it was across u. S .. State via country, vicinity using the vicinity. From the East Coast to the Heartland. From the Deep South to the West Coast. From Chicago to Los Angeles. From Portland to Louisiana. Pizza made in that location stayed in that region. There was no pass over. No sharing of pizza thoughts. Scary urban legends that are true. Biggest hoaxes in American history. The internet girl download. How to search the internet.

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