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The Golden Rule – Introducing Slow Food to Our Children

As suitable parents, we try to teach our children about the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or, extra surely: treat others the way you want to be handled. The identical must be real for our food machine. I am hard-pressed to accept as true that the mother and father who encourage their kids to deal with others nicely would approve of a device that intentionally adds chemical compounds and pollutants to its plant life and animals, pollutes our air and water with waste, or one that treats animals with disrespect.

Our kids research their food values on a day-by-day basis, not just from us, but from the media and their peers as properly. Corporate food giants spend over 15 billion dollars a yr on the 10,000 meals advertisements most of our kids see. Almost all of these are for ingredients that high fats – high sugar – high salt food with little or no nutrient cost. Ann Cooper, the writer of Lunch Lessons, says that we’re getting fatter and sicker over the decade as a state.

Over 2/3 of rd people are obese, and completely 1/3 are obese – even greater disheartening is the truth that over 1/3 of our children are obese, and the CDC says that of the youngsters born inside the year 2000 – 30 – 40% become diabetic of their lifetime. This dismal information is a direct result of the weight loss plan. Put some other, even greater dismal way, it’s miles a result of what we feed our children. What does this teach our kids about the value of food?

And with many mothers and fathers in twin-running households, time is of the essence. One of every four food in America is eaten at quick meals eating place; one in 4 is eaten in a vehicle, and one in 3 in the front of a TV or laptop. It might be well worth thinking about what those kids are studying about the value of food. Are we coaching them that it’s miles less complicated and cheaper to purchase this sort of “food” than to prepare real ingredients at home? While the instantaneous cost of fast food might seem low, there are other prices to don’t forget. What is the long-term cost of CO2 emissions, pollution, obesity, and diabetes that inevitably comes from ingesting processed ingredients?


Let’s begin with the Golden Rule. Yes, that again. We must make clever picks approximately the ingredients that we impose upon our kids and educate them on making top meal choices for themselves. Let’s educate our youngsters about the staple meals that are eaten around the world.

Let’s inspire them to get their hands dirty, growing some of their personal meals each season, so they can take pride, in the end, result in their exertions (so to talk). Oh, and of course we can not forget to convey our youngsters into the kitchen to prepare our food. Not handiest are youngsters beneficial within the kitchen. However, their participation motivates them to eat more healthy foods with gusto. (If you have got a dog, this is probably the time to allow him to come into the kitchen and lick the floor!)

Slow Food is Good Food. What Can You and Your Kids Do?

Grow some of your own meals. Start a garden, or if the area is tight, fill some pots with herbs, radishes, peas, or tomatoes. Pick and enjoy food clean from your garden – and if there may be any left, carry it into the kitchen and upload it to your meal. Children will admire the fresh, and scrumptious flavors of meals picked at the height of freshness. Point out the blessings of consuming foods right out of the lawn as a substitute for buying objects from the grocery tale that have traveled from other countries.

Buy regionally produced meals. Or consume some grown with the aid of your neighbors! Shopping domestically is a movement with an effect. You are making the selection to put money into foods which can be picked nearby and brought to market, in preference to those who travel excellent distances. When you are at the grocery store with your youngsters, if the assets are labeled, make sure to factor out which they may be coming from. My kids are constantly surprised to analyze that the produce at Whole Foods comes from so many nations. We even give a little cheer whilst we find one that is from a local source! Geography apart, fresher meals incorporate extra nutrients and tastes higher, besides. So, why not?

Buy Organic while you can. Not simplest will this lessen your publicity to fungicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers, but you may also indirectly permit others to understand that you don’t need farmers to be uncovered to the one’s matters, both. It’s like vote casting. But together with your cash in place of with a ballot.

Get your tush into the kitchen and COOK! Think again to the ingredients from your youth. Are there any recipes that have been surpassed down thru the generations? Give these a try, preserving in mind that a few substances might not be in season now, and if available at all, probably come from hundreds of miles away. Try to stick to recipes that use meals that might be clean now. We keep a number of our recipes organized by season so that after we want a few suggestions inside the kitchen, we will dive into the ideal folder.


As we referred to in advance, don’t forget to Call The Kids into the Kitchen! Not handiest are you spending high-quality time collectively together with your kids inside the kitchen, but you are coaching them how to be worried about the meal alternatives that they make. They are studying that they can make alternatives approximately the ingredients and elements that they eat.

The kitchen is an ideal platform from which to train your children approximately components, both to your recipes and on packaged “meals.” If youngsters cannot pronounce the name of an aspect on a package, it might be something that became produced in a laboratory and needs to be averted most likely. Be innovative with your food and allow your children to be explicit through their recipe alternatives and presentations.

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