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Nine Steps to Convincing Your Customers “Be the Brand”

Something struck me today that perhaps this announcement might not be absolute (this hit me nowadays as I changed into on the run, using my Couch to 10K app for the iPhone and thinking if Steve Jobs owns a PC and if Bill Gates owns a Mac. I haven’t any idea if they do, but something tells me they do. Even though to “take a look at out” the opposition a bit). I commenced wondering. “Maybe the owner and employees aren’t the emblems. Maybe the customer is the brand”. I am positive I am now not the primary or most effective character who has a notion of this because you constantly listen to “on foot billboards in your enterprise” and “brand ambassadors” in your corporation.


If you test the Apple advertisements proposing the PC and the Mac guy, you could really see their creators’ resemblance (Gates and Jobs). But, at the stop of the day, what number of Apple or Windows customers genuinely KNOW the 2 founders OR people who work for the company? I recognize I don’t have any near buddies that work for both business enterprise and consistent with Linked In, I am 3 stages far from Bill Gates, and I can’t find Steve Jobs on the website online.

You see, I turned into sold on the iPhone without even going into a store. I turned into bought based totally on watching Generation Y navigate the glossy yet simple tool, and as soon as apps started out popping out, I changed into hooked. No going again for me now! And, a number of the humans the usage of iPhones at the time of my buy seemed a bit just like the Apple man Cool. Like they stepped out of Urban Outfitters.

As soon as the PC and Apple guys started out doing their TV, I desired to be greater, just like the Apple guy. Existence appeared to be tons less difficult, extra hip, and more laid back. Living available on the edge of the latest media. The PC guy appeared a chunk as his necktie turned into choking him or that perhaps he needed a tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia. So, on the give up of the day, in case you observe the 2 brands, you will see how Apple users literally live and breathe the emblem.

1. Give your customers something they don’t even recognize they need earlier than they purchase it. I did not understand I wanted or needed 10,000 songs on a cell device until I had it. I did now not realize I wanted my 10 favorite iPhone apps. Now that I have them, I get crazy when I can’t use them!

2. Build mystery around your emblem. Steve Jobs makes the pronouncing of a brand new product look like Christmas is coming and wants to peek into the box even as your mother and father are far from the house. You can not wait to see what is inside the box covered in foiled wrapping and piles of inexperienced and crimson ribbon. We all understand there is a “next Christmas” coming with Apple. We cannot wait to peer what they’ll come up with subsequent.

3. Make your emblem relevant. As soon because the iPad got here out, apps started out flying out of each corner and closet to make humans crave an iPad because the apps are relevant nowadays. Now not the previous day. Just take a look at the pinnacle apps for the iPad on Gizmodo, and you’ll see what I mean.

4. Keep innovating. As of the ultimate week, I feel like my iPhone is all at once old. It is most effective a yr antique, however now I need the 4G. Apple is telling me that I can “multi-mission the proper manner” and create HD video with the smartphone. As a multi-tasker who loves to shoot a short video. You have got me!


5. Place people in your retail shops and inside the public eye that appear as they belong there. If you’ve ever visited an Apple shop, you may be aware that the parents on the genius bar seem like they decided on for both their brains, and they seem! I have been to the shop in Durham, NC, a couple of instances, and these guys are great. They understand what they’re doing and believe me. They seem like they are ideal for Apple!

When it involves branding, you want your front-line folks interacting with your customers to drip your brand. As I observe this image, there are just certain people I could by no means see running behind this counter. I know that this feels like a “skin deep” judgment, but it’s far proper. While you are constructing an emblem, you’ll want folks who appear as they could consume, sleep and live your logo interacting with your clients. As humans, we will connect extra quickly with folks who “seem like us” so that, as customers, we will go out and sell the emblem greater easily to our buddies.

6. Find out what your customers like and don’t like. This is critical, and Apple does this so well. This is why (I suppose) the Verizon verbal exchange is floating round accessible. The Verizon customers want their coverage, and that they want an iPhone to do the work. I find it ironic that Jobs couldn’t connect with his iPhone in the course of his unveiling of the brand new iPhone, and because the awkward second was unfolding, fabs inside the crowd shouted “VERIZON!” (Awkward but a message sent loud and clear to Jobs, who I recognize is listening).

7. Dedicate yourself to reinvention. People assume that Apple set out to compete with Windows and Bill Gates. Maybe Perhaps now not. Something tells me that Steve Jobs is dedicated to competition, however, with greater importance. To reinventing the entire computer industry. I agree with he is main us all to be capable of staying with a simple machine that we can keep within the palm of our arms. This will really allow us to be extra cell (I know I had been lots less tied to my laptop because iPhone came into my existence. And I additionally ought to give kudos to Jeff Simpkins for introducing me to Google Apps, as all connect seamlessly to the iPhone. So, I can perform maximum obligations from my iPhone).

8. Connect with the feelings of your clients. We hear this all of the time; however, what does this surely imply in tangible steps? Apple has tapped into our feelings with the aid of giving us track that takes us back in time, with the aid of offering smooth gear to make our day much less annoying (excessive marks to a couple of apps for the Where To? App for GPS and to Get It Done app for time management) and for giving us the ability to video chat and document both voice and video to ship to family and buddies who’re a long way away.

9. Keep it simple and steady. I can spot an Apple product from a distance. The appearance is sleep, simple, and just looks so high-quality. I must touch it! If your brand is complicated, clunky and always modifications appear, the public gets stressed. So. Recognize who you are and the appearance you need to present, and you’ll attract the customers who will “emerge as your logo.”

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