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I Shot Macro Photos That Capture the Beauty of Peacock Feathers


My name is Can Tunçer. I’m a photographer residing in Turkey, and I had been shooting macro pix for approximately 7 years now. As a person who likes to photo the tiny details of nature, I recently chose the peacock feather as a topic and commenced a special mission.

The peacock feather has beauty. This is really

Worth inspecting closely. The feathers, which are superb for their color and steel structure, are most of the many regularly unseen beauties of nature. For this assignment, I used the Canon 6D as my foremost digicam and a Yongnuo YN560 III flash, and two IKEA Jansjö paintings lamps for lighting fixtures. I used three microscope lenses for capturing those macro shots: a Mitutoyo M Plan Apo 5x (5x magnification), Nikon CF Plan 10x zero.30 WD 16.Five (10x magnification), and Lomo three.7x (three.7x magnification).

Why You Need to Capture Leads, Not Sales


If you intend to generate passive earnings, you then might well be hoping to accomplish that with the aid of selling a product. This could be a product you have made, or it is probably a product you are promoting as an associate marketer. Either way, you’ll probably have installation an income webpage, creating an advert marketing campaign to ship visitors thereafter, which optimistically started to rake inside the income!


The hassle is that it can be hard to convince individuals who go to your web page to shop for. Your fulfillment on this undertaking comes down nearly entirely in your conversions and the share of visitors that become buying from you. And to this case, many entrepreneurs will soar directly in with the difficult promote. That approach may heavily push all the positives of their product and attempt to get the visitor to click on buy as quickly as they get there. This would not tend to work. Although you in all likelihood want to make your sales procedure as easy and automatic as viable, it’s actually important that you don’t try to go instantly in for the kill. Far more powerful is to attempt to seize leads first as a substitute. Here’s why.

Why Cold Sales Don’t Work

Just because you’re profitable passively, that doesn’t imply that you have to be impatient approximately how you are gathering your sales. If you try to convert your visitors as soon as they land on your page, then that is the equal of strolling up to someone you want in a bar and asking them for their variety, without pronouncing hey or maybe introducing themselves first. Or it’s a little like strolling as much as a person on the road and presenting to promote them a look ahead to $500. Would you be receptive to that income approach?

Of route no longer! And the motive is that you recognize not anything approximately the individual promoting. You realize nothing about the product, and you haven’t any purpose of considering that what they’re offering is as true as they are saying it is. If a person lands on your web page and tries to promote them properly away, they may suppose your site is basically spam, and they’ll be frustrated at the dearth of value. Chances are they may depart.

How to Convert

So instead, communicate to them about how they can get loose facts with the aid of signing up to your mailing list or offer them with an editorial and then provide to percentage more through your Facebook. Now you’ve got the opportunity to build that courting and to build trust, and eventually, you’ll discover that this puts you in a role in which they are much more likely to want to buy from you! You might be questioning how this version remains passive. In truth, although, it nevertheless can be: there’s no reason you can not use computerized emails as an instance via a vehicle-responder. Or you may write a ton of weblog posts, after which agenda them to publish through the years.

Beauty Tips for Girls This Autumn Season


The world of aesthetics has ended up greater experimental yet organic, making plenty of women recognize herbal splendor tips greater. Lift that beauty routine q4 and learn about the great splendor make-up suggestions for this season!

Moisture is Power

Summer is over and what you actually need now’s to improve the moisture of your face. Sparkling, dewy pores and skin should now not only come from the brushes of makeup. That is why preserving moisture is one of the maximum useful. Since your skin the face could have been uncovered to direct daylight at some stage in the summertime, it’s great to refill the moisture. You can also use hydrating masks loaded with Vitamin E as your primary.

Lip Statement

Beauty makeup pointers that would really make girls happy approximately are sporting the boldest lip color. Plums and reds are all over the marketplace this season, and you will honestly revel in this type of appearance this autumn. However, earlier than you do this extraordinary beauty tip for girls, you need first to make sure that your lips are exfoliated, moisturized, and no longer flaky.

Love your oils

Oils aren’t your enemy usually. It may commonly seem like the purpose of blemishes and clogged pores, but that isn’t always continually the case, specifically with coconut oil. An unusual however efficient is to use coconut oil when casting off your makeup. Coconut oil can do wonders to your pores and skin specifically all through autumn. It allows lots to absolutely casting off makeup off your face and locking in your skin’s moisture throughout the changing climate.

Finest hair care

Moderate damages probably torment your hair from the solar at some point of however you need now not fear. A preserve your hair wholesome and glossy is to locate the right hair products and treatment. Pamper your hair with some hot oil remedy and a fantastic hair polish with tenderness, love, and care.

Autumn splendor make-up pointers

You would not want to overlook playing autumn without glam etched to your face. This season, you are allowed to head all loopy with matching colorations! That’s right; autumn is the high-quality time to shape the color of your garments with your eye makeup! The eye consists of shades of browns, veggies, and grays. Earth shades are ample this season, except blue, which might also come off too sturdy for fall. You should additionally avoid carrying black eyeliner and choose brown or grey as an alternative. This also goes the equal for wearing mascaras.

Caring For Ostrich Feathers


Ostrich feathers will thrive if positive storage situations are met. We have observed that feathers stored among temperatures of 15-23°C (59-seventy three°F) perform very well. In truth, the higher the temperature, the higher because it approaches, there may be less humidity in the air. Over time, humidity can damage the ostrich feathers, which means that their lifestyles span may be shortened. So, it’s far high-quality to keep the room temperature as close to 23°C as possible.

That’s the room temperature covered but

What needs the ostrich feathers to be stored in? Although the widespread card is regularly used for the storage of feathers, this isn’t always endorsed because, through the years, the acidity in the card may have a detrimental effect on the feathers. The high-quality manner to save ostrich feathers is in an acid-free cardboard field (PH neutral). These bins not best prevent any acidity aging the ostrich feathers but additionally protect the feathers from other sources of harm; bugs, dust, light exposure, and over managing as an instance. These packing containers are without problems determined at the net and begin from around £20.

Cleaning Ostrich Feathers:

Despite how properly the ostrich feathers are saved they may ultimately need to be cleaned. We will now define multiple techniques as to how this will be achieved. If the feathers are carrying dust or different detachable dirt without difficulty, we would suggest brushing them. The best brushes to apply could be a massive artist’s paintbrush (dry!) with natural bristles or a gentle toddler brush. A gentle brush is needed so that the plumage is not damaged at some point of the cleansing. Supporting the ostrich feather in one hand, brush within the plumage path at the same time as applying a gentle strain. After some strokes, the dust needs to be beginning to clean from the feather. Take care now not to apply an excessive amount of pressure or brush in opposition to the plumage, as that is in all likelihood to harm the feather.

Many humans choose to clean their ostrich feathers.

The use of water. We would not advise this until it is honestly necessary. If it is necessary to wash the feathers, then the subsequent technique should paintings. Clean every feather in my view by rinsing it underneath the lukewarm water; when the feather is damp, follow a piece of toddler shampoo and gently rub it down into the ostrich feather by way of stroking within the direction of the plumage. The shampoo rinsed from the feather may be left to dry in a single day, or a hairdryer can be used on its lowest putting. Using a hairdryer at the feather has to take around 10 minutes. If the feather begins to lose any of its fullness, hold it over a pan of steaming water for a couple of minutes, wherein the humidity ought to help get the feather lower back into amazing shape all over again!

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