How to Create and Maintain a Beautiful Green and Healthy Fescue Lawn

How to Create and Maintain a Beautiful Green and Healthy Fescue Lawn

The following is expert advice on how to create and then keep a lovely, wholesome fescue garden. It is suitable to you if your lawn is inside about 50 miles of Interstate-85. I anticipate a number of the techniques are pertinent to different regions. My know-how, however, is primarily based at the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC location. I85, from 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein, AL to Virginia has comparable climate and soil as my particular region – and hence my unique recommendation will pertain. Why concentrate on me? I first began mowing yards for a residing 38 years in the past (I changed into 13). I even have because gotten “a good deal of training” regarding fescue. This education includes college (Clemson), first-hand experience (over 2,000 lawns), a recommendation from greenskeepers at golfing courses, a recommendation from nice fescue sod farms, and advice from other professionals inside the lawn care industry.

First, recognize you need to do WHAT you want to do WHEN you need to do it. Garden centers and so forth will promote your seed, fertilizer, herbicides, etc. At any time of the 12 months. That does NOT suggest you can practice these items or perform these obligations at any time of the yr. Imagine if a farmer planted his crop or harvested his crop at his whim. It would not paintings. He is aware of the season or time of yr, wherein he ought to perform certain responsibilities. Your next step is to a degree the area in which you need to have your fescue garden. The AMOUNT of seed, fertilizer, etc. You use is sort of as essential as the while. I will come up with quantities to use according to 10,000 rectangular ft.

THE BEGINNING: Installing your new fescue lawn should be done about September 15. Never earlier than Sept. 1 or after Oct. 31. If your soil wishes lime to correct the PH (they generally do), this isn’t the time. Lime can inhibit the germination of your new seed. We like applying lime in July. Another “pre-seeding” task is to do away with the competition for your fescue. August is a great time for this. If your lawn is greater than 50% bermudagrass and weeds you might want to apply roundup and kill all of it. If it has an inexpensive quantity of Fescue, you may spot treat the weeds with 2-four-D or every other kind of lawn weed killer. 2-4-D ought to no longer be used after approximately the center of August as it could inhibit germination of your fescue.

The subsequent step is soil training. The best approach is to very well till up the soil after which rake easy. A close 2nd is to use a center aerator. You can lease a self-propelled (5HP fuel engine) kind from your local condominium equipment keep or maybe your nearby hardware save. I word most house owners (and plenty of landscaping organizations) don’t aerate sufficiently. You want your garden to appear as though it has thousands and thousands of holes in it. As a manual, we run an aerator for a full 3 hours on approximately 10,000 s.F. Of lawn.

Applying seed and fertilizer is subsequent. In relation to the total value of your garden and its upkeep, the seed is less expensive. Buy the high-quality you can discover. A “blue label” seed from Oregon is a positive guess. You will need to use five lbs of seed according to 1,000 of for new lawns or 3 lbs for existing lawns. You will want to ensure you’ve got even insurance. We want to spread half of our seed going North-South and the alternative half of going East-West (route relative). Your fertilizer will need to be approximately 8 lbs of nitrogen in line with 10,000 of. We like sixteen-four-eight. A 50 lb bag with 16% nitrogen is eight lbs nitrogen. There are many forms of “starter fertilizer” available. We have determined them to be extra steeply-priced than 16-4-eight and not any more powerful. Just as with the seed, more care wishes to be spent so one can ensure the fertilizer is spread lightly. It’s an amazing concept to “roll” your garden with a sod curler after spreading seed. This ensures accurate touch of seed to soil.

Water. Allow me to back up a step and give an explanation for why you want to seed very close to September 15. Fescue flourishes in moderate weather. It doesn’t adore it if it’s miles over eighty-five or under freezing. That offers us appropriate developing seasons – Fall and Spring. The winter slows down the increase of the fescue, however, does not definitely damage it. The long hot days of summer can be brutal to fescue. Before summer starts offevolved you need your fescue to be as mature and wholesome with long roots. The way to perform this is to have your fescue develop as plenty in the course of the fall, and then develop again as a great deal as viable in the spring. Now whilst the hundred diploma days of July hit you, your fescue can live on. So plant seed as quickly as it is cool sufficient (Sep 15) and now you need to water to get it to germinate as quickly as possible. Ideally, you have got a nicely mounted irrigation machine. We want to run our irrigation system for a completely brief time (3 – five minutes consistent with a quarter) 3 times an afternoon. We do that until we see that the seed has germinated. Normally this takes 10-15 days. For the subsequent 2 – four weeks, or till the grass is ready 3-4 inches tall we water as soon as daily. If at any time you could stroll for your garden and your toes sink down as if the soil is simply too muddy, flip off the water for multiple days. If you get an amazing rain, flip off your water for 2 – three days. When your new grass methods four”, it’s time to mow. You want to know not to have water in the closing 36 hours. You will want to set your mower HIGH. With most push mowers and owner of a house kind driving mowers you may use the highest setting. 3.5 to four inches is a good height. You can then water your lawn after you have mowed. For the relaxation of the autumn and then again inside the spring, we recommend watering your garden closely, but simplest 1 – 2 instances in line with the week. About the equivalent of 1 inch of rain in line with week is a great manual.

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