Hate Rolling Joints? Try These Cheap Water Bongs

Hate Rolling Joints? Try These Cheap Water Bongs

I don’t blame anybody who finds rolling joints tedious. Not everyone is able to utilize their fingers as finely as is needed to roll up a nice joint. I and many others might enjoy the whole rolling process and consider it part of our smoking session rituals, but for some people, it’s just a plain old hassle getting in between them and their green. If you’ve been trying for weeks to get used to rolling joints but it’s just not happening, maybe it’s time to migrate over to a different method of smoking up. Cheap water bongs, for example, are about as simple as it can get when smoking cannabis, while also providing nice tasting and smooth smoke. Ya, a pipe might technically be easier to prepare and use, but it also burns the heck out of your throat. Even the cheapest of little bongs are a world away from generic glass weed pipes and how harsh they can be on your throat and lungs. Knowing that, what are you waiting for to try one? Here are a few of the coolest cheap water bongs to give you some inspiration when you start shopping around.
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Dude Straight With Ice Twist

For 50 bucks, this is one of the most straightforward and high performing cheap bongs you can find. Thick, high-quality glass, a sturdy base and long stem for some fat rips. On top of that, a nice twist in the stem creates an ice catcher. Basically you can drop a couple ice cubes in the stem to assist with the whole cooling process of the smoke.

Acrylic 2 Foot Bubble Bong

If you don’t want to ever worry about your bong breaking, you can’t go wrong with a solid acrylic bong like this one. For less than 20 bucks you can enjoy this bong and while it may not have fancy percolators, its height will let you milk up some impressive hits. Since there’s no ice catcher use some ice cold water to fill it before attempting anything too ambitious.

Einstein Multi-Chamber Glass Bong

For 40 dollars, this little guy is a decent piece of eye candy. It might not do anything particularly impressive in terms of cooling your smoke, but at least it’ll always impress your friends when you take it out.

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