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Great Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Motors

A properly working electric motor contributes a lot towards a business’s productivity and profit. Like any other electrical component, it is subject to wear and tear with passing time and varying weather conditions. There may be dysfunctionality of motor due to moisture build-up, low voltages, lack of lubrication, etc. Such conditions can have a massive impact on the day-to-day operations carried out by the business. It is important to perform routine maintenance checks on the motors to ensure their smooth and effective performance.

Electric Motors

As business owners, it is your duty to get your electric motors and wiring thoroughly examined from time to time to identify the chances of facing potential problems shortly and the ways to address them before happening in actuality. Here is a list of 3 tips for better electric motor maintenance

Visual Inspection

You can get hold of many issues just by performing a visual inspection of an electric motor. The physical condition of the motor speaks for itself. For instance, an electric motor is operated in a rugged environment would depict signs of corrosion. By observing the motor windings and experiencing a burned odor from it, you can guess the problem of overheating. These factors are majorly responsible for the motor’s internal problems, as the dirt and debris stuck in the relays or contacts don’t let the motor perform efficiently.


One of the key factors contributing to a long-lasting motor is proper lubrication. It is important to lubricate the motor in suitable time gap intervals (as stated by the machinery manufacturer) to increase its life. However, make sure you don’t end up lubricating too often or not lubricating at all, as it would also cause premature wear in your bearings. Not too much, not too little – strike the right balance for your motor’s longevity. For instance, if your motors are kept in dry and dusty climates, only then would they need more lubrication. Greasing the bearings and letting the motor run for 10-15 minutes would ensure smooth running for the next few months.

Moisture Management

The best way to maintain and increase electric motors’ life is to prevent all sorts of moisture build-up. You may often encounter moisture build-up in an electric motor’s interior parts if it is being operated in damp, wet, and humid conditions or if it remains unused for a long time. In such a case, the air getting drawn in gets condensed, and water gets accumulated, leading to rust problems and various other issues. But this can be prevented by turning on your electric motor and leave it running for some time during nice and dry weather. This causes the motors’ heat to backup and re-vaporize the moisture.

Also, make sure you keep a maintenance history of your electric motor repair. Note down the kind of services you resort to each time to avoid duplication in the future. This will also help take the required measures to keep the motor functioning smoothly for a longer time.

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