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Blasphemy Is a Life-or-Death Issue in Pakistan

Blasphemy is a sensitive situation in Pakistan; wherein sturdy spiritual emotions have led inside the beyond to violence.

Blasphemy legal guidelines are intended.

To defend against whatever visible as a direct insult to God, Islam, or religious leaders. For human beings accused of violating such legal guidelines, the judgment is often a lifestyles-or-loss of life be counted. Under Pakistan’s prison system, a decision can endorse either lifestyle in jail or demise to everybody observed guilty of blasphemy.

The problem is again within the information after a Punjab court remaining week condemned to death Nadeem James, who is Christian. The police stated they’d accumulated evidence from a person who said James sent him a blasphemous poem thru the software program software WhatsApp. A Pakistani authorities attorney showed a claim with James’s protection attorney’s aid that James by no means despatched any blasphemous material to everybody.

“The accused said

He is no way despatched any blasphemous message through his cellular phone,” prosecution lawyer Rana Naveed Anjum instructed VOA. “But as soon as something has been alleged against you, and there’s enough evidence on document corroborating that announcement, then it’s miles difficult to disclaim or overlook such fabric.”


Pakistani college students of Islamic seminaries participate in a rally supporting blasphemy legal guidelines in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 8, 2017. Hundreds of college students rallied in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, urging the government to take away blasphemous content material from society. A Pakistani human rights activist, Mehdi Hassan, said it is hard to get an honest trial in cases regarding spiritual beliefs.

Something That You Would Like To Know About Your Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life coverage is meant to make your own family members’ existence less difficult on occasion you die. When you die, your kids, grandchildren, and different family participants are given an economic payout that enables them to move on with existence even in your absence.

Types of lifestyles insurance

There are many sorts of lifestyle coverage regulations that you can go for. The maximum common are:

Term policy: This is the simplest form of life coverage. The policy can pay you handiest in case you die inside the term of the policy that is common between one and 30 years. Two of the maximum common term insurance policies are: degree and reducing time period. The stage term way that the blessings you are intended to get live the same throughout the length of the coverage while the reducing term method that the dying advantages drop over the coverage duration.

Permanent: From its call

This coverage pays you no matter when you die. Even in case you die at one hundred years, the policy will pay you. Like with time period coverage policy, the everlasting coverage comes in one-of-a-kind classes, including the regular existence, conventional complete life, and variable usual life. In the traditional complete lifestyles coverage, the loss of life gain and the top rate remains identical at some point in the policy’s length.

The general policy is just like the conventional existence coverage policy, but here, you have got the delivered advantage of your financial savings’ better income. With this insurance, you could trade the charges to grow, decrease, or even trade them in your liking. You can also alternate the amount which you are insured for.

Variable insurance provides you with fixed rates, and you’ve got the choice of investing your money in shares, bonds, and other cash market-based investment options. Here the cash cost and dying benefits upward thrust and fall relying on how your funding plays.

There Is No Judgement After Death and No Such Places As Heaven or Hell


As an infant, the tales of heaven and hell left me questioning whether or not the ones around me could ever know what becomes clear to me. My reincarnation provided a focus that neither location exists. The memory of my life journey was preserved with the aid of a language that became one of a kind to my dad and mom until my mind changed into mature enough to realize to keep quiet; those recollections survived without others telling me to neglect them.

From the begin the venture of trying to find solutions started.

My inquisitive thoughts challenged the status quo and led to an entire life of observations, studies, and expertise outside of the norm. The bible but become a place of top-notch mystery, and no matter how difficult I attempted, it made no sense. All that modified, however, whilst months past my forty-fifth birthday (the date is shown to me between lives), the Spirit ordered me to cast off the wall of blindness. It did now not surprise or amaze me as the hyperlink to it turned into maintained from delivery.

The one I speak of is the Great Spirit of the Universe, the real God. It now not handiest fills all of the areas; however, it is inside each to guide us via our time. What escapes the majority is that human ideas cannot recognize what outdoor of our reasoning is. What is seen with the eyes is believed to a certain quantity, but how things connect with every other is regularly neglected.

A guy sees a remarkable universe of stars and planets that earlier than the expertise to know otherwise changed into perceived of as the souls of guys and the super gods. The sun was constantly the principal item of worship, with the moon its consort.

The goals of heaven and hell came.

These objects and energy started, which has extended a few to excessive fame, however only in man’s mind. Following the commission, the Spirit led me back and forth through the bible, and every part of it became comprehended in mild of the way plenty guy has altered and delivered to it.

The New Testament is fake as visions showed me the identity of 666 and how he invented Jesus Christ. He installed the Catholic Church in 325 AD and put the solar-god, whose call is Mary, because of God’s Mother. His call is Constantine and what he did was install the structures that have to grow to be the World Order on which the established order is based totally. He acted according to how the Spirit led him, and that, in effect, changed into blind and deafened people to the truth.

The Distribution of Monsoon Rain in Pakistan

Monsoon Rain

The rains in Pakistan, acquired thru the monsoon device, are noticeably unpredictable, variable, and unreliable, inflicting floods in some years and extreme drought in others. If we take a popular evaluation of the rainfall received thru a monsoon, the primary element that moves us is its unreliability on this u. S. A… Only a totally slender strip of land covering stations inclusive of Lahore, Sialkot, Islamabad, Muzaffarabad, Murree, Abbottabad, and Rawalakot receives a few dependable spots of rain. Otherwise, 90 percent of Pakistan is either deficient in monsoon rains or receives especially variable rainfall that causes urban flooding, particularly inside Karachi’s southern metropolis.

The outer Himalayas, which include

Murree and Kashmir stations get an extra 50 inches of rainfall during the wet season. Then comes the flip of the foothill stations of Islamabad/ Rawalpindi and the piedmont plains of Punjab consisting of Sialkot getting 30-40 inches. Central Punjab, along with Lahore, receives 15-20. Below Lahore until the coastline, there is, commonly, no rain of significance. Likewise, shifting west from Lahore, the monsoon rainfall reduces to less than half the quantity within 100 miles of Lahore.

The complete south & west Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK (besides the hill inns going through the monsoon minds) get very little rain. The amount they receive is 1-5 inches which are now not crucial agronomically. The excessive west of Baluchistan, close to the Iranian border, south-east Punjab, and the western Sind close to the Indian border is truly deserted.

Similarly, as the monsoon winds can’t go high.

Mountain limitations to the North of Pakistan, so the stations like Chitral, Gilgit, Chillas, Hunza, Skardu up to Khunjarab bypass move practically dry and are absolutely out of the light of the monsoon system. There are even dunes in Gilgit that definitely display the deficiency of rainfall.

As for the variability of a Pakistan Monsoon, the example of Lahore might be enough. This station typically gets 15 inches of rainfall from a monsoon. In August 1996, greater than 12 inches fell in 24 hours! – Such is the extent of variability of monsoon rain in Pakistan. The above example shows that such deluges aren’t best detrimental to plants; however, they also motive urban flooding, beginning damage to lifestyles and belongings.

In short, the above discussion indicates that.

Except for a slender strip within the northeast of Pakistan containing hill stations dealing with the monsoon wind route, no rain of agriculture is obtained in Pakistan.

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