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BPR Launches New Sports & Ethics Podcast ‘Going Deep’

Blue Ridge Public Radio is proud to announce the release of “Going Deep: Sports in the 21st Century”, a podcast that looks at some of the most urgent issues in sports and society – such as race, gender, faith, and inequality. The hosts are the husband and spouse crew of John Shoop and Dr. Marcia Mount Shoop. John coached soccer for greater than a long time in each the NFL and NCAA, at the same time as Marcia is a theologian, minister, and writer of books inclusive of “Touchdowns for Jesus and Other Signs of Apocalypse.” Marcia says she’s the most effective “feminist theologian” she knows that’s married to a football educate. Their backgrounds permit the Shoops to engage the toughest topics with mind, humor, and years of first-hand enjoy in large-time sports. No difficulty is out of bounds on Going Deep. The hosts explore how sports are used to promote positive sorts of faith, the dearth of rights for university athletes, and the unlikely alliance that consists of a former NFL quarterback in pushing for the legalization of medicinal cannabis. For the Shoops, a W.I.N. Is whilst listeners Wonder, Investigate, and Notice the dynamics of sports in a new manner.

“Marcia and John take an unflinching examine

Sports activities in America”, says David Feingold, popular manager & CEO of Blue Ridge Public Radio. “They bring to the podcast relationships with endless figures in sports who are willing to talk with them candidly about a number of the toughest troubles in sports nowadays.” Episodes may be heard here and whenever via the unfastened BPR cell app, or downloaded through your preferred podcast issuer. Individual episodes may even air Saturday afternoons at three:30 on BPR News following BPR’s other regionally produced application The Waters & Harvey Show.




John and Marcia Mount Shoop have an entire

Life of experience in sports as former athletes, coaches, mother and father of athletes, and as a football circle of relatives for over many years.

John coached in the NFL and Division I College Football for twenty-six years. Coach Shoop has served as offensive coordinator and/or quarterbacks coach for some of the maximum storied franchises within the league: Carolina Panthers, Chicago


Hyundai 2013 Launches


When searching at antique motors from Hyundai, there are sure car models which are perennial favorites. If we look at the high-quality sellers, they had been Santro, i10, a hundred and twenty and the Accent of their exceptional classes.

No, remember what category of automobile

You are looking at, Hyundai cars have positive features that make it an endearing logo for most. From gasoline performance to cost-effective servicing, upkeep and elements substitute charges, those reasons make it one of the fine-selling brands within the united states of America.

The modern-day favorites ruling the marketplace are Eon, i10 upgraded and others. If you’re looking ahead to what the automobile brand has in save next for the imminent year, then read beforehand.

Hyundai 2013 Launches – Santa Fe

Yes, the competitive SUV from Hyundai will come lower back new and improved for the Indian marketplace come 2013. Those who’ve seen some on the road can equipment up to look more in the coming months. The automobile can have a few foremost changes in its styling features. It may also flaunt a 2.2 liter R diesel engine. The strength and torque output will be a good deal advanced and it’ll hit a velocity of one hundred km/h indefinitely 9.4 seconds. Innovations will include the FLEX STEER system, downhill brake manipulate, ESP, automobile balance capabilities among others.

The i10 Gets A Facelift

If you have got been studying the functions blanketed within the i10 released in different markets, those functions may also simply turn out to be true within the new and advanced model to be launched in 2013. One can anticipate higher power and greater gas efficiency in the upgraded model. Also, its diesel version can be launched in 2013. This is an especially awaited release with the boom in petrol charges. Many may be booking their diesel car of this model as the launch receives introduced.

I30 Gets Launched

Just whilst your notion that the i20 become the ultimate of the collection, you will see the subsequent collection come rolling in – the i30. The Hyundai i30 is ready to redefine the hatchback section. Given the recognition of the auto version in India, this luxury automobile within the hatchback phase will actually supply one greater costly options to choose in confined space and finances. Among the Hyundai 2013 launches, this vehicle is set to be a premium automobile to watch out for. Pricing of it is going to be slightly steep, similar to a sedan automobile.

Sports Injuries That Require Attention From a Shoulder Surgeon


Every now and then, we hear sportsmen suffering from accidents. While they tend to get harm nearly everywhere on their frame, one of the most common spots that are prone to harm is the shoulder. The maximum commonplace shoulder injuries visible on area encompass dislocations, Acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) accidents, rotator cuff tear, shoulder labrum tear thrower’s shoulder, biceps injuries, bursitis, and fractures. While dislocations and ACJ injuries are greater commons in contact sports activities, which includes rugby and wrestling, rotator cuff tears and SLAP lesions are common in sports activities regarding explosive heavy weight-lifting.

Usually, it’s far pretty difficult to discover

The severity of a shoulder damage. Which is why human beings have a tendency to disregard them similarly hectic the harm. Thus, it’s miles counseled that early evaluation from a professional

Shoulder Surgeon or Therapist is the right way ahead when experiencing discomfort in the shoulders.

There are a number of accidents known to be common in the area. The most distinguished of that are listed under:

Shoulder Dislocations

Being the maximum cellular joint within the frame additionally, makes the shoulder potentially risky. Therefore, it becomes a not unusual joint for dislocations within the frame. Minor traumas in the shoulder bring about the shoulder to ‘come out’ of the joint. To restore it, the medical doctor fixes it lower back into the joint following by rounds of physiotherapy.

But, greater than 1/2 of dislocations preserve opportunity of recurrence, especially the various youngsters indulging in sports. Repeated dislocations cause more instability and stretching of the shoulder joint that requires longer intervals of rest and decreased performance. Therefore, it’s far usually endorsed that one ought to choose shoulder dislocation surgery earlier than the damage aggravates.

Rotator Cuff Tears

The rotator cuff is an essential bunch of tendons that provide motion and stability for the shoulder. Therefore, inside the event of harm, ache and weakness within the region can be giant. Those who choose to restore those tears early show quicker restoration. That’s due to the fact while left unattended, these tears get bigger and extra hard to repair in a while. Rotator cuff restores can be executed by way of keyhole surgical procedure or open surgical procedure.

SLAP Lesions

Superior Labral Antero-Posterior (SLAP) tears of the shoulder are not unusual amongst the ones in sports activities requiring overhead throwing, heavy lifting, and tackling. In maximum instances, the biceps anchor inside the shoulder is forcibly peeled or pulled off its bone attachment by a big pulling or peeling pressure. This can arise all through a heavy lift, difficult throw, address or fall. As for signs and symptoms, deep pain is skilled in the shoulder thanks to the heavy obligation lifting movement the patient is subjected to.

Webinars Vs Podcasts – The Pros And Cons


Webinars are one of the most cost-powerful ways to promote high-cease information merchandise and online guides. Podcasts are booming in popularity because of the fact that they are free and to be had 24/7 from everywhere in the world.

Let’s test only some of the American downs of podcasts and webinars for the net entrepreneur to grow their enterprise.

Podcasts, the Good And The Bad

Approximately 1 in 4 US citizens above the age of 12 pays attention to no less than one podcast each month. This means get admission to more than eighty million Americans along with your podcast episode, together with a greater tremendous international target market.

On the drawback, you have to release common podcast episodes with the fresh content material, not less than once consistent with the week, to develop and maintain a target market. Audience involvement is likewise restricted with a podcast. You don’t have “right here, proper now” live interaction of a webinar.

On the upside, podcast episodes are nearly continually free, and you often must buy some webinar content material. After webinars are provided they’re commonly offered as records products. Also, webinars are generally given to offer a few form of paid services or products. People love that they can pay attention to as many podcast episodes as they prefer, completely unfastened, and you turn out to be a specialist for your enterprise from the facts you distribute in the system.

Webinars – The Good And Bad

Webinars have tested to be extra powerful than many other advertising strategies for developing an email list. Run one a hit webinar and all you have to do is promote it as a statistics product, or retain to apply it as a loose list builder, for so long as you like.

On the disadvantage, webinar content material can emerge as obsolete quickly. Podcasts and keep you continuously in the front of your potentialities, clients, and customers with new and pertinent information.

Live webinars are like an online television show. You have interaction with your audience “proper now”. Since you’re speaking to them live, they could relate to you extra as a “real person” than after they pay attention to a recorded, scripted podcast episode.

Webinars constantly display high response costs.

The cause being the person is engaged and connecting with the host. At the top of the webinar, if a paid product or provide is supplied, sales rates are plenty better than the use of other online advertising and marketing methods. Webinars are outstanding for promoting high-income products. This is something that is hard to do with a recorded podcast episode.

What’s Best For Your Business?

Podcasts and webinars are excellent ways to construct your business. They both make you look like an enterprise leader, you could use them to construct lists and sell products, and they’re loose or close-to-free advertising and commercial enterprise constructing gear.

Depending on what you are attempting to

Do and the way comfortable you are the use of these exceptional sorts of media, one or the other can be your advertising weapon of choice. The smart marketer will use each webinar and a podcast to construct his or her enterprise and create a real price for his or her target audience.

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