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West Texas students told “It’s the regulation

The Pledge of Allegiance has to turn out to be a topic of date at Midland High School in West Texas after students have been reportedly informed they have to stand for it with the aid of regulation. It’s the law! Stay standing at some point of the pledge and silent in the course of the instant of silence,” a slide in a slideshow stated, reviews information station CBS 7.


Texas mother shares proud moment when son stops the whole thing to say the Pledge of Allegiance and prays
According to the information station, the slide got here up all through a presentation on the Pledge of Allegiance and was supplied to juniors and seniors.

How Did Old West Settlers Know What Time it Was?


How did settlers within the Old West definitely recognize what time it becomes? Did they preserve close track of the hours and minutes? And whose “time” was considered the “right” time within the many small cities and farms unfold throughout the American West?


Industrial international locations depend on maintaining tune

Of time and doing it as it should be, today’s atomic clocks that tune time in millionths of seconds are testimony to that. Even state-of-the-art reasonably-priced wristwatches available at neighborhood “Big Box” shops are accurate to within some seconds 12 months. But have you ever puzzled how a person dwelling in Wyoming, Nebraska, California, or Colorado could have known what time it turned into 1855?

West work at home openings

Certainly, clocks and watches were without problems to be had to most Westerners. Clocks that might be recognizable to fashionable humans had been around for several centuries before 1855. People residing then everywhere in the U.S. Would have had timepieces, probably wind up pocket watches to take time with them, and long case pendulum clocks in their homes.

So the query turned into — who saved the “grasp timepiece,” who knew what the neighborhood time changed into. And, very importantly, what “time sector” was a given city or farm located during the 1850s in the West? How did humans hold such matters instantly?

If you guessed that timekeeping and such things as

Time zones were in wonderful disarray early in length we think about because of the “Old West,” you guessed efficaciously. Time retaining and such things as time zones were pretty informal. In a fascinating book about everyday existence within the Old West written using a British creator in the 1950s, “The Look of the Old West,” time zones without a doubt never got here into lifestyles within the East or the West till the railroads grew in to have an impact on, spread throughout the country and worked to standardize time. In fact, in step with that British writer William Foster-Harris, the kingdom ran on agreed-upon neighborhood time until railroad impact eventually standardized time zones in 1883. The federal authorities authorized their time sector set up quickly after.

But again, in our 1855 scenario, local time changed into normally based on marking “excessive midday,” the time whilst the sun was without delay overhead and cast both no shadow or the shortest found shadow of the day. Some communities marked excessive midday using dropping a large ball from a clock tower, firing a cannon, or sometimes having a tower clock centrally positioned chime the occasion with a noisy bell. Individuals with clocks in their homes or pocket watch set their time, therefore. And, in many cities at some stage in the West, there was a neighborhood jeweler who might be glad to set your look ahead to you.

Do Your Students Look Up to You?


When you are actively involved in the study room and operating along with your adult college students, classroom control and what you need to educate are the order of the day. As the class progresses, you may consider your students; along with what motivates them, how they persist when faced with demanding situations, and what it’s miles like for them to have interaction with the lecture room environment. But have you ever taken into consideration how your students view you as an educator? Does it rely on you or affect the way you educate whilst making plans for your elegance or considering future professional development?

Most educators pick out this sort of work or profession.

Even when the payor working situations are less than perfect. What if deciding to feature from this point forward in a transformative manner for your college students so that they’re one way or the other better for having been enrolled in your lessons? In different phrases, what if you could educate in a manner that will have a long-term impact on your college students? If you influence them in this way now or determine which you want to change the way you teach, they may look as much as you. This approach will recollect you and your class, and with greater importance, they will be transformed in some way, whether or not academically, professionally, or in my opinion.

A Question for Educators

As an educator, recollect this question: is functioning in a transformative way to create focus selections in how you act whilst you are coaching, or is it a result of every interaction you have with your college students? Not each student is going to have a high-quality experience whilst they have interaction with you, despite the satisfactory of intentions you could have set, yet whilst college students realize their teachers care, they’re more willing to position inside the time and take the time to strive when it comes to being involved in the studying procedure. That extra attempt on their element is now, and again all a student desires to get past potential obstacles or hurdles.

My revel in as an educator has taught me that I usually know wherein I stand with my students by way of the way they are responding to me, whether in class or through a few shapes of communication together with electronic mail. More importantly, I realize I even have made an extended-time period impact after I get hold of unsolicited emails from college students and they share unique moments from class, instructions discovered, demanding situations they’ve to conquer, lightbulb or “aha” moments, or boom they’ve skilled; even after magnificence has concluded, as many do not realize the effect of what they have found out until sometime later.

What Does It Mean for Students to Look Up to You?

When college students have a tremendous experience and appearance up to an instructor, what do they “see” in some manner? They usually “see” a person who cares approximately their college students, which does not imply they’ll bend the policies or supply away grades. They can empathize with their college students and listen. This trainer’s aid also inspires students. This trainer usually gives thoughts, pointers, and guidelines, a character in nature and meant to cope with unique developmental desires. More importantly, this trainer makes time to offer assistance and demonstrates their engagement and presence in elegance.

Markets Can Be Made By Regulation


Sometimes politicians say the craziest things; no, I am not speaking approximately Donald Trump putting his foot in his mouth so the left-wing media can blow it out of share and play the StrawMan Game, alternatively I am talking approximately socialist-leaning politicians who inform us they could create jobs and fasten the economic system through making laws, regulations, and guidelines, growing taxes and so forth? These parents have not a clue.

Recently, I heard one of Hillary Clinton’s marketing campaign managers say, “Markets are best able to be made due to REGULATION,” WTH? Which got here first? Government rules break markets, and the unfastened marketplace survives notwithstanding rules, now not because of them. Let me provide you with a communist instance.

The Chinese farmers below communism traded.

Among themselves, they extended their efficiencies, yields and ate well because of this illegal trading above their allotted surplus; the Communist Government allow them to do it once they observed out, decided not to execute them, learned something. China changed into then able to feed the humans. Communism needs capitalism, unfastened markets, and socialism to pay for their populist bribery to continue their rule from overthrow. The regulation does not make markets viable; markets will exist. At the same time, humans have the preference to acquire, and that isn’t always going away every time soon, even supposing we’re compelled right into a Borg Civilization that spark will no longer die. Without regulation, we get matters just like the Wall Street Mortgage Crash of 2008,” the marketing campaign manager persisted.

Again, WTH? Regarding the 2008 crash

Who turned into it that brought about that nightmare? Democrats were warned time and time once more. Elliot Spitzer prompted the elimination of Hank Greenberg and had he still been at the helm of AIG, and he’d have in no way permit that little office in London ensures those loan bundles for in a few instances one hundred thirty-five% of a fee (stated fee). The enablers are generally all democrats that allowed that bubble to form. Further, we see Student Loans at 1.Three trillion dollars with 40% within the rears over 90-days, and now the Dems want to lose college, forgiveness? OMG, this never ends.

Turn the area right into a college campus? Only one hassle with academia La La Land, it isn’t always to borrow your favored socialist buzzword “SUSTAINABLE” nor is a fraudulent international warming scheme or the expenses related to re-arranging our electricity infrastructure via every other healthcare like a hijacking. Socialist Elite cannot do something properly, why could we placed them in fee of the Global Economy, Saving the Planet, bathroom cleaning.

The Bush “Ownership Society” feedback and beliefs are

Held by all Americans. Bush didn’t begin the hassle; it changed into Clinton’s Administration with changes in rules for investment banks and Freddie and Fannie’s adjustments. Treasury Secretary Snow addressed Congress at the issues in advance, so too did Greenspan at some point of Bush’s term; however, the Democrat control would not have it. The Lobbying record of Freddie is well documented. We recognize wherein the cash went and to whom. If you want to say that law prevents such matters, nicely it becomes adjustments in regulation that set up the stage.

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