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Consider The Terrorist Threat To U.S. Markets & Your Portfolio

There has been much hypothesis and discussion concerning the future hazard of terrorist assaults with weapons of mass destruction in opposition to Israel, Western Europe, and the US. If terrorist groups have weapons of mass destruction, we should make a goal to examine all of the capability objectives of the possibility for an assault and the availability of these weapons.

The conventional news media and our political management had been much less than imminent on this issue, either to keep away from a public panic or at authorities route. Nevertheless, this question has to be asked. The Sep 11 terrorist attacks on Washington and New York became an operation that took years of making plans and was virtually no longer a one-time strike on America. Although Washington’s massive reaction in Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to towards terrorist cells around the sector, does appear to have stuck our enemies off the shield, this reprieve will not final for all time. Eventually, they may react with a large counter-assault designed for max public impact, U.S. Humiliation, and economic destruction.

To decide the target, we have to first discover the, in all likelihood, desires of the anti-Western gamins on this war. While they can’t hope to spoil the US as the arena’s handiest closing superpower, they’re glaringly interested in changing all the prevailing “moderate” Arab governments with fundamentalist, Islamic regimes. Their lengthy-time period goal is to topple the prevailing governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Turkey, and update them with fundamentalist Islamic governments, which are anti-American and will cooperate in destroying the state of Israel.


Neither Israel Nor Most of Europe Is A Probable Target

The Islamic fundamentalist’s goal is to unite the Muslims internationally. Therefore, it’s miles unlikely that they would pursue a nuclear, biological, or chemical assault in opposition to Israel. There were a few situations that Saddam could release isolated attacks towards Israel whilst invaded using the U.S., but this did not occur. Our intelligence grew to become out to be absolutely wrong about his navy competencies. Still, I accept as true with there’s little threat of a mass, unilateral attack in opposition to Israel with the aid of Arab terrorists for the following reasons:

Once they reap the capability, a weapon of mass destruction assault towards Israel could, via its very nature, kill many hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. This could harm the aid for their motive from different Arab nations and peoples. Moreover, an attack could destroy or render unusable the Muslim holy websites in Jerusalem and on the West Bank. Killing a large quantity of the Jews in Israel, together with the Palestinians, is just too high of a rate to be paid for the immediate destruction of Israel.

Plus, an assault towards Israel could be counter-effective because of Israel’s nuclear arsenal and stated intentions. Every Arab terrorist leader is aware that if weapons of mass destruction are used in opposition to Israel and go through a big loss of lives or are even defeated. No kingdom in the Middle East will keep away from a very last Doomsday attack with general annihilation and closing destruction by nuclear guns.

The opportune terrorist goal, without a doubt, isn’t Western Europe, except the United Kingdom and the other few last European supporters of American foreign policy. Most of Europe is on the sidelines within the contemporary conflict and, due to oil or geopolitical concerns, regularly faces the Arab states concerning America’s Middle East regulations. Therefore, aside from London, I do not feel Europe is prone to a terrorist weapon of mass destruction assault.

Washington DC Is Not the Prime Target

The primary goal of possibility is not Washington D.C. Both. Although domestic to many navy installations and commands, countrywide intelligence, and hundreds of lots of politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats, America’s army might and talents are some distance too large around the sector for an assault on Washington to cripple our navy. Suppose they had the approach to hit targets inside the U.S. On the equal time with guns of mass destruction, Washington might be the shared target. However, that is not going.

The US defense force’s military strength is such that terrorists can have little effect on our capability to salary struggle and retribution inside the event of an attack. Yes, they could goal Washington. Yes, they may damage perhaps an aircraft service task force. And yes, they may conceivably supply a quick-time period tactical defeat towards us if we continue to occupy greater countries inside the Middle East. Still, they can not hope to defeat us as army electricity. As the Japanese discovered with their assault on Pearl Harbor, and as bin Laden discovered after Sept. 11, it isn’t always a smart course of motion to initiate the United States when we will goal the enemy.

It is time to discuss a completely taboo concern within the establishment press.

What is the next probable goal of Osama bin Laden or different Islamic militant terrorists here in the United States? We have heard time and again that they centered the World Trade Center because this constructing became the symbol of American electricity, satisfaction, and capitalism. My first query is why the World Trade Center in New York City, and no longer the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty? What about the U.S.

Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the White House, the Super Dome full of spectators, or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge? Also, why did they now not watch for the Salt Lake City Olympics broadcast on world-huge tv, or bide their time until a national political convention where they may have taken out half the main politicians of the Democrat or Republican Parties?

Why did Muslim terrorists twice goal the World Trade Center? Surprisingly, with all of the news articles, TV talking heads at the nightly applications, and politicians’ pronouncements, there was little dialogue on why this precise target was selected peculiarly others. Have you considered perhaps there may be a cause for the code of silence and blackout on all such discussions?

What if our flesh pressers, Wall Street, and the media worry about the actual purpose for the terrorist concentrated on the World Trade Center Towers. Still, our establishment has determined not to move public and disclose the hazard for worry of public and economic panic? Shouldn’t we understand the reality so that the residents of New York City, particularly those operating in the financial district, can judge any future risk for themselves? What about American investors? Is the fear of a marketplace panic or a wholesale withdrawal from the U.S. Markets and the dollar by way of overseas buyers every other motive why there was little press insurance of the threat?

I fear the real target of each earlier assault becomes Wall Street and our economic system – not only a few tall homes. Could the terrorists have been trying each instance to virtually carry down the World Trade Center towers on the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street? The answer could be sure. One aspect is for certain they have been seeking to disrupt the U.S. Monetary device and discover our countermeasures in opposition to this type of attack.

Those who do not need to discover this danger will declare that this speaks to generate panic. They will say that there’s no threat of terrorist assaults to the monetary markets. They will allege that our money markets are immovable and invulnerable to such attacks. They will guarantee you no longer fear the terrorist hazard for your portfolio, liquidity, and retirement budget. Unfortunately, the specialists had been incorrect before.

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