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Men and Their Money: The Old-Fashioned Way

Men control cash. Women learn how to get cash from guys. Some girls get cash from guys by marrying them. Other ladies get cash from men by way of working for them. Some ladies get money from guys through having intercourse with them. It is only a be counted of what you’re willing to exchange in exchange for money.

Before you can still make this choice, they must decide how a whole lot of cash they need and the way they plan to “get” it. It is just like trading baseball cards. Each individual has to decide which “playing cards” are maximum precious to them for my part or financially. Some “playing cards” have higher trading costs than other cards. Some cards have a sentimental price requiring anyone to determine their private worth compared to their avenue or market fee. This is why my girlfriends have been capable of “get” extra money for their “change” than I turned into. The prettier the girl is, the higher her exchange price. Men understand this; ladies recognize this. I was too naive to recognize this.

When I was young, older men regularly offered me cash in change for intercourse. I was given used to this. When I was younger, however, they might take me to dinner before popping the intercourse question. Now that I am older, they count on me to apprehend my “trading fee” and, therefore, think that I know how to play the game of life in a capitalistic society. They also assume that as a female, I could choose a person “purchase” me for sexual pleasure rather than me incomes it the old-style way of getting a job.

The old-fashioned way for a person to trade his frame for cash turned into getting a task. Men would paintings hard, produce a sincere day’s paintings for an honest day’s pay, and consider their change profitable. Then, once they have money, they count on they can “buy” a girl to delight them. Some need to be pleased bodily. Others need to be thrilled psychologically. Most of them choose to be pleased bodily, with no strings connected and at low fees. To decide the trade cost, guys calculate how an awful lot they make in line with an hour. Then, they deduct for normal charges consisting of food, garments, automobiles, and pricey watches.


After everyday expenses are deducted, they then decide how lots of money stays and, consequently, how a whole lot they can manage to pay for their bodily pleasure. They similarly estimate how much time they need to meet their non-public pleasure to calculate a truthful hourly fee for the girl or ladies they want to be pleased by way of. The more money they make, the more they could have enough money to pay for a girl. The greater they can pay for a female, the prettier they expect the girl to be.

They want a girl of excessive “trading” value and determine how high they can manage to pay. They need a female of high market-cost for you to please themselves or others by way of displaying their ability to shop for high-market girls. Either way, the person’s ego is satisfied. His ego or self-esteem is strengthened through his ability to enhance his social reputation on society’s ladder of achievement.

The guy wins both manners. The handiest deterrent to pleasant physical or psychological pride is the amount of cash he can find the money to spend. Once the calculations are completed, most men determine they can find the money for or are inclined to spend approximately 20 dollars for an hour of delight. Hence, the purpose they often throw-inside the fee of dinner since it makes them experience like they pre-paid the end and, consequently, are a “massive spender.”

The old school way for a woman to alternate her body for cash turned into marrying kids, cooking meals, easy residence, and praising her husband both inside and outside the bedroom. The husband and wife shared the duties of daily survival. The guy bore the responsibility for bodily labor and monetary profits.

The spouse supported his efforts by using maintaining the home easy and functional to raise awareness of his interest in the essential matters of earning a residing. The guy shared the proverbial “crop” with his spouse as payment for her contribution to his earning ability. In different phrases, they “process shared.” It changed into a group attempt with every associate contributing toward the bottom line wherein they both later benefited from. It becomes a joint assignment.

Contemporary Society

In contemporary society, however, ladies and men now not percentage comparable attitudes in income advent or earnings sharing. The feminist movement helped propel this change in mindset via convincing guys, the majority of employers and money-keepers, into hiring girls to perform the much less bodily traumatic positions with the aid of placing them in the workplace to carry out the menial tasks associated with clerical duties which include filing, typing, answering telephones or bookkeeping.

Attitudes and Special Interests

Through those diffused attitudinal modifications and approximately 30 years of unique-hobby politics, women and men slowly started to regulate those new thoughts. Women went to the workplace to earn their preserve, used start manage to save you being pregnant, and bought their bodies to the agency in place of their husbands. She now had two masters to serve.

To similarly complicate matters, she made sub-fashionable wages requiring her to keep family members with one man or another or each that allows you to live on. If she had youngsters, she became further obligated to delight multiple guys – whether or not at work or home. Men endured manipulating the money and the girls. For many men, this meant they may control one woman in the office and some other at home, thereby imparting double-the-delight and double-the-earnings for the same 24-hour day-by-day cycle.

These identical attitudes are common these days. The only difference is the terminology we use to speak about the info. Money continues to be disguised in the back of love or labor. Men and women nonetheless marry, still endure children and still combat approximately cash. They have specific perceptions about money. They maintain score differently. They have distinctive values which can be typically pondered inside the approaches and means by which they earn and spend cash. These dissimilar attitudes are complicated through the religious beliefs promoted within maximum Christian societies inflicting confusion and eventual chaos similarly for folks trying to find definitive solutions to the meaning of life. The solutions are too frequently contradictory.

Moral Conflict

Whichever answer one chooses to agree with conflicts with different teachings. It conflicts with the teachings of Jesus and the function of females in society. It conflicts with societal definitions of women’s role at home or the workplace, or it conflicts with the husband’s definition of femininity or his spouse’s expectancies. Women are mechanically forced to subject themselves to men via frame or mind at something price the market determines her price to be. Subsequently, because guys control the cash, they’ll always cost themselves as higher beings compared to girls. It just makes proper economic sense.

Women’s essential moral battle is to determine which teachings they believe and, therefore, which approach to follow to “get” money. Most women are socialized to agree that marrying a person and raising a circle of relatives is the most moral way to earn their preserve. They are taught that motherhood is moral and that motherhood is a great way for women to steer society by raising precise children who will move forth and unfold the coolest phrase through precise deeds. These beliefs are worthwhile. However, they require dependence on a man to meet.

Whichever approach the woman chooses to observe to earn her maintenance, she should constantly reevaluate her role in the domestic or in the workplace, in reality, to preserve or maintain her widespread of residing or moral truth. The difficulty arises whilst she has to select between paintings and a circle of relatives. Men do now not should select.

They can have both without wondering their values after they need to paintings late or go out of the city on commercial enterprise. These choices are less complicated for men because guys no longer need to select one over the opposite. Their priorities have already been established for them. Men are socialized to do both and are advocated with the aid of society to accomplish that. It is less difficult for guys to have families than it’s miles for women.

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