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Is Law Review Worth It?

I am writing this text because once I began thinking about doing my law faculty’s magazine write-on, I kept getting blended messages approximately whether it became even really worth it to be on a magazine. More especially, a few students told me that law evaluation changed into not well worth the time and effort due to all of the greater work their individuals should do. Some blogs I got here throughout gave off a similar influence. But, now that I even have (fortuitously) made my college’s Law Review, I will proportion my mind on whether or not “regulation overview is worth it.”


Most of you probably already recognize that Law Review (and every other journal) is a ton of work. Some journals require greater work than others, however usual, all of them require a sizable quantity. Law Review particularly calls for its participants to move to school on a Saturday morning on four one-of-a-kind dates in the yr. These meetings commonly remaining from about 9:00 a.m. To 12:00 p.m. Basically, new participants are partnered up with senior editors that allow you to edit articles/comments (a comment is essentially an article written via a regulation college scholar) that have been selected for publication.

Also, there are extra “office hour” assignments at some stage in the college year (at least one according to semester). These assignments are lengthier than the ones completed on Saturday mornings. Stated, every student is given roughly 40-50 footnotes of a piece of writing/comment. This is a pending booklet. You should then examine the textual part of the piece to discover any grammatical errors or areas that require development. Then, it would help if you went through every footnote making sure it’s miles nicely Bluebooked and that the supply definitely says what the writer claims it says (this is known as attribution checking). Members are generally given 2-3 weeks to complete this assignment.

Further, the most important chew of your time can be spent running to your personal remark. The complete year is spent growing, tweaking, perfecting, and submitting your drafts. You are assigned a Comment Editor who will manual you through the system. You also are required to have a guide who is a professor at your school. Both of these people will advocate for you in the course of the whole technique and offer precious remarks on your progress and drafts.

Writing the remark is by far the hardest part of Law Review. I can not talk for other journals because I no longer have non-public experience with them, but buddies of mine tell me it’s for the same element with their respective journals. Thus, no matter which journal you make, you will spend a massive portion of that yr working on your comment (so make certain you pick a topic you will continue to be interested in).

That being said, I nevertheless assume Law Review is really worth it.

Whether you are already in law college or you are making plans on coming into law school, you’ll have to discover ways to Bluebook properly, much like every other student. If you’re like me, then you, too, had been first of all intimidated with the aid of the Bluebook. The exact component approximately being on a magazine is that you are forced to learn it, whether or not you want it or not. This is valuable expertise.


Your familiarity with the Bluebook will help you with different law faculty guides, writing your own briefs, and your employment (it’s far inevitable that someone could have a Bluebook query or at your law faculty associated process). Also, if you’re like me, you are then trying to improve your writing abilities. If so, being in a magazine will help you. In particular, the more writing and voluminous publicity to articles/comments pending publication that you may be uncovered to on Law Review will advantage you even extra. Eventually, you will become a lot extra relaxed together with your writing, which gives you a bonus for the criminal profession.

Also, you turn into pals with different Law Review contributors. The common member is an exceedingly dedicated scholar who’s fully devoted to succeeding in school and employment, from what I have seen. This usually jogs my memory of the vintage saying, “you are the employer you preserve.” When you are trying to be triumphant, surrounding yourself with these kinds of students goes a protracted way to reach your goals.

Further, because of their normally excessive GPAs and their dedication to their schoolwork, Law Review members tend to land the “better” jobs. When it involves networking, this is very vital. While you are trying to interview at a “huge” company in your area, you could typically discover someone on the Law Review or a beyond member who can provide you with some information approximately the company. One of the Law Review’s neat elements is that the members, gift and beyond, take absolutely true care of each other.

More importantly, Law Review is something on your resume that sincerely stands out. In an excellent or bad economy, anything that will let you stand out advantageously is fantastic. Some employers will specifically ask for applications from Law Review participants best. Whether this is true or not is an extraordinary tale. The reality is, however, that on occasion, Law Review contributors win by using the default.


Your club on Law Review will inevitably arise in interviews. Legal employers want top/tremendous/notable writers. Your membership via itself indicators to the employer that you are, as a minimum, an excellent writer. Hopefully, this can be sufficient to get you the interview. The relaxation is up to you.

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