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Winning the Game of Life

Sports and video games are fairly clean to decide who the winner is. The man or woman or group with the most points, the most cash, maybe the least points (golf), or the shortest time period (races) is the winner. Everyone else loses. On a different day, I got to wondering – how do you win the game of lifestyles? When you get to the quit, what might be taken into consideration as a “victory”? Life is not a game with the simplest one winner; we all have the hazard to go away from an enduring legacy if we so preference to. Winning the game of existence may be unique for all people, however thinking about what you, in my opinion, could recollect a “win” might open your eyes a chunk. It surely did for me.


For me, the whole lot starts right here. Seeking God’s wisdom and guidance is the number one maximum vital thing in existence as the entirety else flows from this. Without consciously in search of God’s steering on an ordinary basis, selection making can be very doubtful as it isn’t always so clean to inform which voice for your head is that of God and that’s that of the ego. If conscious touch with God is the number one most important issue in lifestyles, it absolutely should be wherein I devote most of my time and effort, right?. Not even near. Right out of the gate, that is a huge eye-opener for me.

The ego is excellent at creating a lifestyle that edges God out. Edge God Out = EGO. I sincerely agree that if we ought to open our minds to God’s will for us, we would find ourselves blessed at degrees past our comprehension. And therein lies the hassle – how can we acquire anything this is past our comprehension?

Game of Life

Receiving God’s items takes religion, faith at a stage so high that it’ll sustain you via the fear of making the important changes to help you stay the existence God willed for you. Faith this strong needs to be worked on, cultivated, and well-known. It comes from having a strong relationship with God. To me, the most vital element in existence is aware touch with God. If I get to life’s end line and appearance returned and spot that I built a robust relationship with God, clearly got in touch with His will for me and accompanied that route to the high-quality of my capacity. I’ll bear in mind that a win.


I love the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” One of my favorite parts from that film is once they show Jimmy Stewart’s character what could have taken place had he by no means been born, how many lives he impacted in a high-quality manner. People generally fall into one of the categories, either “What can I get?” or “How can I serve?”. The people who have the best fulfillment in existence awareness on “How can I serve?”

The “What can I get?” mindset will by no means apprehend the “How can I serve?” mindset except in a way that they may attempt to take advantage of for their very own non-public gains. If you specialize in how you could get something for nothing and/or rip-off your way via life, then human beings with the “How can I serve?” mindset are ideal goals, proper? They need to assist.

Often there is training to be learned in both aspects while the 2 interact. The “What can I get?” mindset desires to analyze that by way of switching to a “How can I serve?” mindset, the whole thing they seek might come to them much easier. The “How can I serve?” attitude regularly has to analyze that once coping with a “What can I get?” mindset often the first-rate help is no help at all. When you deliver anyone something, they did not like paintings for they may not genuinely admire it.

I need to assist everybody I can besides I can, continually. Whatever conditions are put into my lifestyle, I am looking for God’s will and search for how I can serve and/or what the lesson is for me. Looking again at my lifestyles and because I did the first-rate, I ought to help all and sundry I ought to, in any way viable, could be taken into consideration a win for me.


I do not need to appear again at my existence and spot that my days were spent full of anxiety, fear, and despair. Hatred, fear, and anger held such a strong keep over me for a goodbye that I always war to no longer allow them to benefit a foothold in my lifestyles again. I’m calling my e-book “FEED YOUR ANGEL” due to the fact I consider the first-rate way to cope with this is to attend to what is going right for your lifestyles, to look at what is viable, and to see that with God by using your facet there are no limits for your capability.

As creatures of routine, we dig ruts in our lives. Every day we journey through a rut, it gets deeper and deeper. Most ruts are ego-based and complete of tension, fear, and despair. The deeper the rut, the greater fear concerned to climb out and head an exceptional path. Humans have ruts going for walks through many regions of our lives – relationships, work, money, and mindset. I dug an attitude rut for myself that I keep digging out of every day. Some days the rut nevertheless wins.

Living from the place within you that knows only love, joy, and peace is not necessarily as clean because it sounds. Jobs and a circle of relatives have demands, demands can cause pressure, and strain feeds on tension, fear, and fear. If I do not spend quite a little time specializing in what is ideal and right with my existence, I will unavoidably start to slide. The ego is a powerful force to seep in any place. It sees the weak point, doubts, fears, concerns, and anxieties.

Mindset is a daily battle for me. I realize that if I really need to affect others’ lives superbly, my attitude has to be focused on what is good and proper. Love is the emotion that influences others. Love, pleasure, passion – those are the features I wish to exude. So, it really is my listing. I will win the game of life by increasing my conscious touch with God, following His will for me to the first-class of my capacity, supporting as many people alongside the way that I can by dwelling my lifestyles specializing in love, pleasure, and peace.

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