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Cruising Through Life With The Wind At Your Back

Did you ever observe how now and again life seems to return at you want a sledgehammer, constantly knocking you down whenever you get up and ultimately feel like you are starting to get it? When you go searching, you notice countless humans that seem to get all of the good things. They may appear to have cash thrown at them for motives that you locate hard to apprehend since some of these people would appear to be the most superficial and undeserving, truly now not amongst the huddled hundreds for whom existence is a consistent conflict.

Some others are blessed with excellent health, and many’ve by no means been to a doctor, now not because they have a few ingrown hatred for the medical profession, but as it simply in no way passed off to them that a person else may want to affect a cure higher than the human frame itself.

As you could suspect, we are dealing here with a multi-faceted problem. What you perceive certainly preserves some pretty obvious truths, the overriding one being that lifestyles do not appear truthful. That is a misunderstanding because lifestyles are indeed fair, or as far as it could be, information that everyone would not come into the game with the same mental and mental system or knowledge or, in a few instances, the identical baggage. In quick, the gambling subject isn’t always identical for absolutely everyone just getting into the sport of lifestyles.

There is one thing for positive, there are reasons in the back of the entirety, and as you’ve got heard before, I am positive that there definitely are not any injuries in all of the truth. This might be difficult to recognize, and I know you’ll say, “Why would I purposely inflict such ache and misfortune on myself?”

It will by no means be fully understood until you recognize that life is the result of your finely tuned perceptions, and your non-public perception is prejudiced, to say the least. You virtually create your truth using your beliefs, mind, desires, feelings, and expectancies, but they might by no means turn out to be real without your perceptions. A stunning flower is not real to a person who’s blind and has no sense of odor. The flower is of the route, actual to itself.

You could relax assured that you stay a couple of lives affording more than one gaining knowledge of opportunities. Thru those lives, you accumulate knowledge, or at least you’re imagined to. You do now not input your gift existence with a clean slate to be written upon with present lifestyles revel in alone.


You may want to say that each life is an extension of a previous lifestyle revel in, with a rest period in among; this amounts to what’s known as reincarnation and evolution. Each lifestyle then adds in your totality of enjoying through the years until you have learned all you want to examine and circulate past the Earth truth device into extra tough possibilities. (What at this factor you will be inclined to label “revel in alien worlds.”

Even though this isn’t obvious to the Darwinian aficionados who’re locked into believing in a concept that holds no water, the bodily frame does not evolve. Physical bodies clearly do no longer evolve; however, awareness does. Consciousness evolves first, creating the perfect body, which serves its cause most effective for a limited time. We have now not mentioned that to any super diploma. However, you may rest assured that I might now not make that statement if I did not intend to protect it later in our articles.

You are looking for cost pleasure even as here on this planet, mastering to recognize and control physical matter right into a fine reality for your learning revel in, and as you analyze, so does your soul analyze. You, and different personalities like you, are, in fact, the best manner that your soul can enjoy the “Earth” bodily truth system.

Complete Souls, or as I decide on to call them, Entities, in reality, ought to by no means be contained in one physical frame, so it does the subsequent exceptional thing; it creates from itself splinter or fragment personalities, sectioning off a portion of itself, which it then projects right into a reality gadget of its preference, to your case Earth within the 21st century. It ought to have selected Earth inside the year1940 if something may be gained from a different time period. All-time periods exist inside the now.

Your soul/entity chooses the unique machine to high-quality fit its desires and the desires of its personalities, and that could sometimes result in a particularly challenging existence for a few and a particularly pleasing, non-confrontational life for others. You have to undergo in mind that the Soul/Entity is not a completed aspect; it’s miles still getting to know and growing, as are you, so there may be distortions and slip-ups on occasion.

And you have to recollect this, within a series of earthly lives; the entirety will sooner or later be evened out, all studies tasted, and all debts paid. So, if this life is an incredibly attempting one, the following will extra than possibly be certainly one of a more leisurely and problem loose enjoy.

I need to start alternating the time period Entity with Soul, in particular, because of the religious connotations located on the time period Soul. The Entity is all and more than Soul without religious dogmatism. From time to time, it blocks actual knowledge beyond nonsecular superstitions, rituals, fables, and symbolic mumbo-jumbo related to organizationally imposed ideals.

I also once in a while alternate the capitalization of the terms Soul and Entity because each has skills and traits far exceeding any you attribute to any god-figure regardless of religious persuasion. For the ones of you who nevertheless consider that God Himself created you, the planet, and the universe, you are partly proper; however, on the other hand, you’re a ways off the path.

Your Entity/Soul specifically created you, and all different Earth concerned Entities created all different earthly personalities because of the beginning of time, as you understand it. As you believe Him, God has so long ago developed out of touch with primary fact systems that any type of practical contact is not possible; however, contact is possible through lesser entities and their personalities.

As maximum of my readers understands through now, the commonly held idea of a godparent sitting somewhere Up There on a cloud, on a planet, or perhaps even straddling a comet is plain hogwash and desires to be discarded into the cosmic trash heap of previous moronic principles that make no experience to the intellect and specifically in your intuitive senses. You have long understood that these are not anything more than historical primitive myths and superstitions nevertheless accompanied by using people with restrained intellect and knowledge.

I don’t want to become involved with the good idea here since it, without a doubt, has nothing tons to do with what I desired to discuss. I actually have referred to earlier that God is not a persona, not a superhuman being of some type, however a Divine Process, an Energy Essence Personality of the best order, the One Prime Source.

Everything That Is exists as a part of that One Energy Source, and so that you and every other living factor contains a spark of that Original Source of All That Is. You are yourself no longer divine in common sense. However, you are simply of Divine Origin, and every residing personality or entity includes inside its non secular and organic fact a feel of that Divine Origin. (But so do the animals, flora, and nature itself.) Many of you already knew that.

To place it in any other context, God, All That Is, The Universe, The Prime Source, and Universal Energy are equal, and one cannot be separated from the opposite. Entities’ abilities and characteristics could dwarf the ones of any imagined God of your religion. Entities create reality structures, however so do you; Entities create people, animals, and the natural surroundings, but so do you unknowingly create other living things in share on your abilities. The important distinction is that Entities recognize what they’re doing and you do not.

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