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Eight Cool Things About Blogging

Let’s first start with some of the high-quality things approximately blogs. When blogs commenced, they had been seen as private diaries – even though this isn’t the case anymore, you may nevertheless locate blogs that include non-public aspects of a person’s lifestyles. Nowadays, blogs are especially a place where one posts VALUABLE data – and I can not pressure sufficient the cost in the phrase ‘Valuable’ – blogs are NOT an area where one writes rubbish and scammed articles like this the lifestyles of the weblog will be very short-lived. readers don’t go to blogs to read continuously about this. That product, where the author is pushing a sale – except the posts are expert reviews, wherein the reader can truly benefit from reading the submissions.



1. They are alive. Whereas traditional websites are static, blogs are continuously changing – and this depends on how regularly the ‘writer’ adds pages and posts to the weblog. Once there may always be treasured statistics being delivered to a blog, readers hold coming to the weblog to study the ultra-modern post, they will even enroll in the feed, depart feedback, and so forth – and finally the ‘creator’ is considered because of the-character-to-pass-to in his / her area of interest.

2. They are interactive. I write a post, someone leaves a remark, I remark back, some other character leaves a remark, I remark lower back, and on and on it goes. Withing blogs, there may be a feeling of something ‘alive’ backstage since a conversation occurs – not like with traditional websites. And people LOVE leaving and analyzing remarks, specifically while the ‘writer’ comments again. I actually have visible blogs wherein the publish turned into written 3 years back, and people are still leaving comments. The greater comments one has, the more the weblog is considered professional and the ‘writer’ as a professional because it’s how people psychologically assume.

3. Posts are positioned in an ‘archive.’ Your posts will nonetheless be on hand and ‘pulled’ through the search engines when a person researches considered one of your key phrases – even years on. So all of the difficult paintings that one puts into writing articles will now not die after some days or months. The posts cross in records, and you possibly can, without problems, access them through a seek box or by way of category or date through your blog. So, although at the page of your weblog wherein you have got your posts, there would possibly appear to be only a few posts, on the again there are hundreds of articles which can be without difficulty handy. So you may spend hours on an amazing weblog.

4. Easy to create & replace. Other high-quality matters about blogs are that one does not need to recognize any HTML or unique laptop ‘language’ that allows you to create a weblog. Nowadays, it’s so easy to construct a blog and update it regularly. I favor self-hosted blogs wherein you personal the blog, in preference to a blog in which it’s far hosted somewhere else wherein you have no manipulated. Although building this type of weblog (self-hosted) takes a chunk of extra time and resolution, it’s really worth the attempt, understanding that you may completely customize it the way you need and that you personal it. It’s miles effortless to add pictures, links to social media money owed, films, audio recordings, recorded education calls, purchasing carts, boards.


5. Your blog is your voice. The blogger or ‘creator’ has overall managed what statistics to present out and what form of the message he/she wants to skip directly to his / her readers. Moreover, the blogger normally chooses a subject that she/he desires to write about – generally, a weblog revolves around 1 subject matter, and the blogger also chooses whether or not to weblog as a hobby, component-time, or as an expert – the distinction being the number of articles posted per week, the amount of time spent at the blog every week, and for this reason how great deal cash is to be earned from the blog.

6. Can be a stand-on my own enterprise. Those who weblog professionally earn earnings from their blogs. There are various ways to monetize one’s weblog – I will be dedicating a destiny article dealing with ‘Monetizing Your Blog.’

7. Blogs can supplement an offline current business. Keeping a blog can assist your enterprise to appear as a frontrunner within your industry. Prospective clients can also read your blog, have interaction, and purchase services and products from you.

8. Can enhance your profession. Through your weblog and consequently greater visibility, you can enjoy wonderful modifications in your career and business and construct popularity for management on your particular enterprise.


1. One has to devote. If you need your readers to keep coming returned for more, there need to be articles or different kinds of information published regularly for them to read, as in any other case, your blog will die a gradual positive dying. Depending on your reason for blogging should be a clear indication of how regularly you ought to put up a new article. I recommend at least 2 posts weekly – or you can cross down the route of having a ‘solid’ put up weekly and other small assisting articles for the relaxation of the week.

2. Too private. One has to balance out what to write down. Some humans keep it a strictly commercial enterprise, even though a variety of readers like reading blogs because it makes the blogger human – so some would possibly determine to put in a chunk of personal records. One must be prudent and sensible about what data to place on one’s weblog – you do not need your reputation, commercial enterprise, or career to be installed in jeopardy.

3. Hot subjects. The same goes for arguably and radical topics – one has to weigh in really nicely what to write down about. It’s OK to vicinity your opinion about someone or something, but do not forget an excessive amount of negativity will, after a while, get dull, and 1.6 billion humans may probably consider a blog.


4. To a whole lot of spam. I carry up this topic all over again, as it is the basis of an excellent blog with many visitors and subscribers and a ‘ghost’ weblog. People seek the net for valuable records – the greater ‘free’ value you may give your readers, the more they may go to the time and again. When you build a courting and are considered an ‘expert’ in your subject, you can start looking for ways to monetize your weblog.

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